Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Spring 2016)

SmithL Staff NewsletterP1020279Greetings… and hang on for another whirl around time with Miss Loretta.

First, a note of thanks for all your prayers and support since I’m not getting younger or may I say we are not getting younger. It is so important to have a team of family that helps me through the days. My last letter said I was taking a team to Ecuador and that I would be staying there for two years, setting up a new base at Playas near the ocean. Then came a problem that was unforeseen (aren’t they all unforeseen?). Teen Missions had some investment property handed back to us and it is in the form of a working RV Park. Receivership was to be April 1, and I was asked if I’d help manage the park. “Never say No!” is my motto so I moved out of my room, leaving a few things there and lived in a Tiny Cabin (10’x18’) for a couple of weeks. Then the Lord provided a Christian couple from Texas with their RV, to take over the park. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer for a couple to run the park. So I moved back to my house on Heavenly St., continued working with the students in P1020269the 1.2 acre garden, baling clothes and applying for my Ecuador visa.

As you can see in the garden pictures, it’s really growing, The armadillos are like hogs rooting up our crops for bugs to eat—discouraging to say the least. We just bought some solar, sonic rodent repellers—sure hope they work. The Bible students have their own gardens to work in and also work in the Boot Camp garden.

P1020276I continue to share my missions trips with others, and of course Madagascar has been my last trip. The picture shows the traditional dress for the ladies.

I’m continually baling clothes for the African AIDS Orphans and Street Children program. I had an overflow of bales, 70 to be exact, when word came to send a container with medicines, and clothes…YES! See the pictures of the container being filled and the bales going on board. God is so good, always in His timing.

P1020311When my daughter Debbie just moved into her newly-built home, a text came for me to come see the new abode. It’s Spring Break Week and of course airline tickets were high.. O Lord, I need help.

My director, Mr. Bland, came into the baling area and asked if I would consider going to Mongolia to help start a Boot Camp and P1020317possible Bible school there…Never say NO! So he gave me a date of May 22, 2016 to head over to Mongolia. Then I told him my problems with the air tickets to Oregon and he gave me liberty to travel any date I needed. At lunchtime I was on the computer and up popped a $450 round-trip ticket (it had been in the $1,300.’s). O ya, thank you, Lord. I was on the plane in less than 48 hours, It was nice to visit with some of my family and watch my youngest P1020323granddaughter ride her horse, Henry. Note the picture of the mode of transportation for grandma…yipes, lift up left leg, crab the bar and swing your hips in, momma…that might be the last time for this grandma..HA!

Now for the new attraction at TMI base. When I came in 1998 one of the first questions I asked, “Do we have airplanes at TMI?” “No and Untitled-5never will.” was the immediate answer. Never say never is a missionary motto. Sooo, now in the middle of the swamp, we have a plane that seats 40 young ones. It’s a mock, but looks real and feels real. Teen Missions Airways with a 42” screen and two engines that turn on (window fans). The Mustard Seed kids ages 4-6 will love it.

As for me and my mom all is well. Mom is more active these last three months than in the last two years. She has some plants in her room (her garden) and she changes her room around weekly. Always very clean and neat, that’s the Swede in her I guess…

Prayer requests would be:

1. Continued good health

2. An easy transition to the people and culture in Mongolia

3. Open doors to evangelism in the northeast area where we’ll be living. Note this is the heaviest Muslim area in Mongolia.

The Lord bless you all and keep you in His ever-safe hands. That’s the best place to be, close to Him.

Read Isaiah 41:10

In His Service,

Sister Loretta Smith

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