Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Spring 2016)

BuayaThank God for the rain last month—all the plants, grass and trees turned green and it was so beautiful. When I woke up in the morning I could take a breath with fresh air. Even right now every morning it is a little bit cooler than last month, which means the winter will come soon and I can’t wait for that. Since September last year is has been too hot and I got eczema. Actually I ignored it at first and I thought it will be better soon, but it wasn’t. It was itching, red and bubbling on my skin. The more I scratched the more it got worse. After I showered it started itching and my skin became red everywhere. Well, I decided to go to the doctor and then bought some pills and a cream. Praise the Lord, it’s really helped me.

Another praise was in February when my Mom had cataract surgery in her left eye. I wanted to help her with some money and Mr. Jason Shrock wanted to help me to wire it. He went to the bank and submitted all the papers, but was too complicated. I prayed so much for that and even I shared to some people via email. God did a miracle! One lady was willing to help my Mom and I never thought before that lady will help me, but God’s planning is not my planning. He answered me in His perfect timing. I was in tears and I couldn’t believe it—it was like a dream. I really thank God for that.

After MSSM lesson the kids are ready to swim
After MSSM lesson the kids are ready to swim

On February 12, we had an amazing time with Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) kids. The week before we announced to the kids that after MSSM program we were going to have swimming time at the Teen Missions pool. The kids were excited. Kwame, one of the students, taught the kids with phonics, games and songs—the kids really enjoy him. After that I taught the Bible lesson and memory verse. The kids couldn’t wait to go swimming. After they finished their coloring pages, they went straight to the swimming pool. Tato and Pule, age 3 years, rarely want to play with water, especially in the swimming pool, but they just threw themselves into the water. They can’t swim actually but fortunately Kwame, Mrs. Karen and I assisted them. We watched them carefully.

Tia with MSSM kids: Megan and Tato
Tia with MSSM kids: Megan and Tato

In the middle of February one family of Afrikaans (white people) moved to Masakhane and tried to find shelter and a new job. They used to live at Sonskyn which is a homeless shelter place, a poor Afrikaans community. The first week we had a good time, but two weeks later the white kids of Masakhane came with bad words to the black children. They use Afrikaans language and because I’m Indonesian, I don’t understand. The only thing I knew was when our kids came to me with tears and explained why they were crying and also the meaning of the words. It really broke my heart and I prayed a lot for that. I talked to the parents about the bad language so that the kids may live in peace and unity. I would really appreciate your prayers for those kids and their parents too.

Pray request:

  1. Pray for my ministry in South Africa that God may give me wisdom and strength
  2. Pray for my finances, may God provide

In His Grace

Tia Buaya

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