Ayers, Bryan & Dawn Newsletter (Spring 2016)

ayersIt’s amazing to live on the Space Coast of Florida and be able to see powerful rockets launch into space. Their missions are sometime secret, but always filled with impact in so many ways. Working here at Teen Missions is much the same. People come and go from here that will facilitate or be on the frontlines of God’s redemptive work all the time. Several students have been heading out to their country of service in the last few months for a one-year internship. There are plans for others to venture out to Central America to set up Sunday Schools in areas with little Gospel presence. The biggest launch of the year though, is just around the corner—in June the Lord’s Boot Camp will be in full swing.

Over six hundred young people will converge for training and commissioning into all the world to share the Gospel, encourage local ministries and work on construction projects that will act as lighthouses in their communities. The best part of all of this however, is that the young people involved will be changed forever.

PrintThe training that we provide from the time they arrive till the time they go home includes Christian discipline, exposure to the needs of the world and sensitivity and courage to follow God’s leading. God will bring many of them into a life-long ministry with Him.

Dawn and I will be leading a team of Preteens to do evangelism on Prince Edward Island in Canada. You might remember that we used to live there from 2004-2009. It remains one of the dearest places in our hearts. Our team will ride bikes along the 170+ miles of the Confederation Trail talking with whomever we can about the love of God. We will also invite people to our campground in the evenings for singing, testimonies and Gospel presentation. We look forward to the outreach in Canada and discipleship opportunities with our team. Benjamin will be a team member onPrint our team and Caleb will be a family member.

Abby will be going back to Africa this summer. Last year Jonathan went to drill wells in Malawi, and this year Abby’s team will do the same. She is very excited to be in Africa again and to have a chance to mentor teens while there. After the summer, she only has one more term at Teen Missions’ BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW). This time next year she is planning on being in Uganda for a one-year internship.

PrintGrace travels to Guatemala on one of our largest teams this year. Her team is working on continuing a building project at an orphanage that Abby went to in 2014. She is excited to play with the children as well as continuing to work on the project. This last year she placed in the top 12 quizzers at our Florida District Teen Bible Quizzing, which is pretty good for her first year! 

Jonathan has moved to Idaho. At the end of February, he and I drove his 99 Ford F150 2,700+ miles in three days to get there. He has a new job at Hope House, a group type home for kids from difficult family lives. I was proud to see him interacting with the children and teens there and he is really liking being able to learn maintenance skills. They have a great shop there as well where he can work on some projects that he has wanted to do.  

Hannah is job searching and working around the house. Whether playing the piano or painting, her artistic ability shows through. A Discipleship Training School at Youth With A Mission in Orlando has become her goal for the fall.

PrintLuke was able to buy an older Honda CRV this year. Traveling in his own car to work at Chick-fil-A, where he recently received employee of the month, is pretty cool. He is enjoying his newfound freedom. Soccer was a big part of his life this winter as well. He played hard, and was acknowledged for his skills.

Benjamin placed in the top two for our Florida District Children’s Bible Quizzing in March. He also just became an official member at our church. He and Caleb love working and playing out at Teen Missions 200+ acres any time they can.

PrintCaleb is really looking forward to going “home” to Canada this summer. He was born there, but doesn’t remember much of it. He is also doing well in school and loves playing outside doing whatever he can.

Both here and around the world our desire is that God would use us to lead people into a deeper relationship with Him through Christ. Being able to help young people catch that vision and be trained to participate is icing on the cake. We are so very thankful for all of you who support our ministry here with your prayers, financial support and encouragement of all kinds. If you would like to partner with our children on their teams, you can fill out the coupon at the end of this letter.

In August we will be travelling up to Missouri and hopefully as far as Pennsylvania to visit with people and share the pictures and stories of God’s work this summer. Contact us quickly to see if we can connect on this trip. Our info is in the contact box at the end of this letter.

Many Blessings!

Bryan, Dawn, Jonathan, Abby, Hannah, Luke, Grace, Benjamin and Caleb


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