Petersen, Doug & Barb Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Petersen DB Staff NewsletterFor God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world

but that the world through Him might be saved.  John 3: 17

For the Scripture says,

“Whoever believes on Him

will not be put to shame.” Romans 10:11

Dear Family and Friends,

We greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is one of the standard greetings in Zambia.  It is really beautiful when you think about it.  I (Barb) have just finished teaching the book of Acts this term.  If only the students could get as blessed as the teacher.  But one thing that stands out so much in Acts is the POWER in the NAME of Jesus.  That is the one thing the apostles were told, ” Stop preaching and teaching in that Name!”.  Even those against the Gospel knew the source of the believer’s power.  They didn’t stop and they were persecuted for that Name.  The apostles prayed for more boldness to preach in that Name instead of cowering and they rejoiced that they were able to suffer for His Name.  It makes me think of a hymn we used to sing called “Rise up, O men of God!”   We need boldness!  We also see the Apostle Paul being faithful to the end and finishing the race victoriously.  He never stopped preaching and teaching to the Jews and the Gentiles. There is still power in Jesus’ Name to those who have faith in Him.   Don’t you just love God’s Word?!  Sometimes I think about all of the power we have as believers.  There is power in God’s Word, God’s Spirit, Jesus’ Name, and  the Blood of Jesus.  We believers have the victory that overcomes the world.  May we walk in faith today.

DSCN0015Zambia work:  After the Boot Camps were over we began a new BMW school term.  We are blessed to have 34 students.  These students live on the base.  There is a whole routine in their lives comprised of devotional life,  studying six subjects per term,  afternoon work, meals, and sleep.   They have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love at various places.  They have been at the main hospital visiting and seeing souls saved as they share.  One week they prayed for 33 people who gave their lives to Jesus.   In the last two weeks they again prayed for more than 30 people who wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior.   We love the students.  We love the work.  We love serving Jesus in Zambia.  As I write this even now my joy bubbles up.  We thank God for the privilege He has given to us.

Bob and Bernie Bland:  May 12, 2016  We arrived at work today to the news that Bernie Bland has gone to be with Jesus.  She had a severe stroke about one month ago.  She has been paralyzed for about one month with no chance of recovery.  What a blessing it has been to have known her and to have worked with her.  We cherish her memory and honor the Blands and their labor of love for the Lord Jesus.  

What is ahead?  Bob has asked us to come home to help for a few months.  We will be coming to Florida May 1st—just in time for the Boot Camp work to go into full swing.  We are going to help wherever needed and we look forward to being with Bob and the home staff.  Pray for us as we return home.  For us it can almost be more culture shock in the US than overseas.  We first started spending time in Africa in 1985.  This a beautiful continent with beautiful people.  We hold them in our hearts.  Of course, we care much about the ministry in the US, also.  

2015_TeenCamp_310The United States:  It has been interesting watching the campaigns from afar.  We can only imagine what you folks at home think of everything going on.  We won’t say much about it except that we are praying for America just as I am sure most Christians are doing who love our country.  We are reminded too, that we are not of this world and our home is in heaven.  But as citizens of our nation we do have responsibility to pray and to speak out and protect what our forefathers have entrusted to us. I heard that one of our founding fathers said something like this. ” Democracy will only work if the people retain virtue and knowledge.”  That sobered me.  Romans 1 depicts what happens when we don’t retain God in knowledge. We have taken God out of knowledge in public education.  Man’s thoughts are not God’s thoughts.   And has America retained virtue?      

Please be in prayer for our Zambian staff while we are in the States.  We have a wonderful, solid, devoted staff and we praise God for them.  The work is big with the base consisting of staff, students, and some interns, the AIDS Orphan staff has two facilitators each at 15 rural places, the three matrons Rescue Units have two matrons each, and the two MSSM Circuits have two Circuit Riders each.  (That is the Motorcycle Sunday School ministry.)


Story:  from Steve Kasoma Circuit Rider at the Wayne Haines Memorial Sunday School

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and for your generous support that helps our ministry to be able to continue to run successfully! An interesting thing happened this month on a Friday early in the morning around 4:15.  I heard a knock on the door of the house.  I came out and found two ladies and one man, Mr. and Mrs. Zimba and Mrs. Kabika.  I greeted them.  They said they were looking for help for their daughter who was very sick.  They were suspecting it was a demonic attack.  I asked them how old their daughter is and the Mrs. responds that she is 23 and the mother of two.  Her name is Nelia.  We went to their home.  I asked the lady, “What is your problem?”  She said, “My heart is throbbing and half of my neck and I see two people, a lady and a man and they want to kill me.  I can’t sleep and I can’t sit, I am just standing like this.”  The first thing I did was lead her to Christ.  Then I prayed and while I was praying she started shouting, “Stop, stop praying, they are now pulling my heart.”  I continued praying and she started sweating and coughing and she coughed up fluids from her nose. After some minutes, she sat down and started asking, “Where am I?  Thank God I am back!  Praise God I am free from the pain.  It is gone.  I am healed.  My heart has stopped throbbing and has cooled down now.”  I prayed for the house and the family and five people gave their lives to Christ.  They thanked God and were appreciating Teen Missions and the work that we did for them through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is your prayers and support that enable us to continue the wonderful work of God that is going on in our country of Zambia.

To our supporters:  Again we say to you,  “You are the best!”   How we praise God for you.  I always picture Him as the orchestrator of our support.  He is so faithful and always will be.  He uses people and you are the special ones He is using in our lives and in this ministry.  We say “Thank  you, thank you!” Our hearts overflow with gratitude.   May God bless you over and over again, letting your “cups” overflow.  

PICT0071We love all of you and look forward to seeing many of you while we are home.  

Thank you for joining your hands with ours

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matt. 6:33 & Gal. 2:20

Email:  [email protected]

Florida address:

251 Heavenly St

Merritt Island FL



Phone number:  (If things work out to keep the same)


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