Adams, Josh & Sarah Newsletter (Spring 2016)

IMG_6689What’s up?

Well as one of my friends here would say the ceiling, the ceiling is up. Unless of course we were under something else. Sarah, Titus and I greet you with a smile. We are excited for this letter to be in your hands! I will make this as interesting as I can. Our family is doing well, we are growing in the Lord and we really enjoy the church we have been going to these past couple years—we’ve grown so much as a result of our church family! We go to the Trinity Community Church in Titusville which is about 25 minutes from where we live but it is definitely worth the drive.

Titus-1Time? What is that?

You know that concept? I’m pretty sure it’s referred to as time. It has been going by so fast I completely forgot there was such a concept! Titus is pretty much up to Sarah’s waist and he is getting a bit too smart for his own good. We love him, he has been such a blessing and brings lots of smiles to our faces. The summer is almost here as well, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were going through the summer and now it’s upon us again! Time, where does it go? (If you know please let us know, we’d like to get some back)

11865023_538210909663568_1645494934142989054_oWhen you dream of corn.

If you find yourself dreaming about corn it might mean that you’re headed to Indiana. Yes, the Adams family will be once again travelling to Indiana to share the Gospel at the Tri-State fairs with a team of teenagers. We are looking forward to this summer and all that it holds in store for us!

Film vs. Audio?

Short story, I do a lot of film work. If I am not doing film work for Teen Missions you would probably find me doing it somewhere else, either at the dentist or at church. I love working with video. Audio on the other hand has been a neglected child in my realm of work. We now have 1524084_504598719691454_174773041423683100_oMatthew Mellinger in our office and he is somewhat of an audio guru. He has helped us bring our work to new levels. I now have a love for audio that I just didn’t have before. So when it comes to audio vs. video, just remember that they are both important.

Video Editing Timeline

While editing video I realized that our lives are a lot like the timeline of a video, I lay footage on the timeline and when the video is complete I export it. At the end of a project I find myself looking it over and realize that the three minutes I just edited is very much like my own life; short! We are but a three-minute timeline placed on the timeline of forever. Do we want our timeline to be full of useless garbage or something more? Definitely a challenge every time I think about it!

Study Master

I’ve been tasked with being the nightly study monitor for the students which has been both hard and rewarding. Hard in that I am not home from 7-9, but rewarding in that I utilize that time to study the word of God or study apologetics or some other form of Biblical Study. When I no longer have to monitor study time I still want to retain a discipline of studying the Word of God more in depth as I have been.

IMG_6686Class time again?

Sarah and I have taken on the task of learning HTML coding (Website coding) which has been both challenging and fun at the same time. It is a massive language and there are so many elements involved in writing code for a website.

We have also taken up the challenge of learning a new language, one of the students here speaks Japanese and we have been learning different phrases throughout the week! Maybe one day I’ll send this update in Japanese 🙂

Lastly we have taken up guitar, we both have wanted to learn a musical instrument and guitar seemed as good a place to start as any. Matthew Mellinger has graciously taken up the mantle of teaching us the ways of the guitar.

Mommy and MeSo long farewell…

Well this is the part where I tell you goodbye, thanks for reading this letter I hope it blessed you in someway. We love you guys and thank God for your prayers, and or support. Please let us know how you are doing we would love to know.


(God Bless)



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