Odea, Moses Newsletter (Spring 2016)

Untitled-1Dear Friends and Family,

I, Odea Moses, greet you with the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I give God glory in everything which are are doing, including plans which you have put ahead of your mind to do in time by time. In John 3:1–18, Nicodemus, one of the Jewish ruling council, went to Jesus at night, asking help from Jesus. The answer which Jesus said to him is that without being born again no one can enter in the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, spirit gives birth to the spirit and the wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear the sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where the wind is going. And so Jesus explained to him the heavenly things. Finally the man was born again and in John 3:16 God loves the world and He give His only begotten Son so everybody would not to perish but could have everlasting life. This book of John tells us that Nicodemus was the rich man, he has every thing in the world but he was afraid that the people around him would see him go to Jesus. So one night he went to Jesus at night and Jesus supported him with his problem and needs which he had. The translated words in the book of John 3:16 “Everlasting life” could be the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LIFE where all the believers will go and join this college if you put your faith and truth in Jesus, my dear friend.

Untitled-2In the ministry up here in Koboko, where I am working in northern Uganda, there have been big problems with schools that were sending most of the orphans back home. I went to school in order to counsel the orphans and encourage them.

With the orphans that I am working with I have given my time and have been visiting them in their homes. In one of the homes where four orphans live, I found that two have HIV/AIDS. I spend much time with this family because the houseman died in May 2000 from HIV/AIDS. The woman also has AIDS, as well as one girl in the picture. What happened with this woman? I tried to help her with the little support which I can afford, but I ran out of support. This woman had been taking ARV medicine and I found when I got over there that there was no one who is helping her apart from me. I bought food for her so that she can swallow the medicine. But when there was no food, the moment she swallowed medicine without food she started vomiting a lot. She became weaker and weaker until a few days ago she just passed away and went to meet with the Lord. When this woman was alive she would come and prepare food for the orphans. Her last-born child is now also infected—she got it from the mother’s breast when she was a baby. She now living without the relatives because she does not know where all her relatives are—this makes it hard to get food and especially hard to come up with school tuition.

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Recently I went to my grandmother, Acola Marasalina, to see how she is doing. She has been a widow since my grandfather died in 1986 and has stayed alone, often crying to anyone who could help her in raising the support for fixing the house so she can have a safe place to sleep. It has been too hard up to now for me to do much and my prayer for her is to have a better place to sleep. The place where she is sleeping as you can see needs a zinc roof and proper floor.  

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My prayer requests

1. Pray for God to provide friends who will stand with me in the support needed as I continue to do the ministry of God

2. Pray that God would help me find ways of having support for my grandmother, Acola Marasalina, to have a better house

3. Pray that God would expand this ministry here in Koboko so that people who are struggling can get help like Nicodemus did from Jesus

4. Pray for me to get enough support so that I get married to a woman which God has prepared for me             


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  1. Pastor.Ghovishe,v,kiho.bharatpur baptist church

    twenty years a go in 1996, when your team help us a lot while we were building our first christian church in BHARATPUR.Chitwan district of nepal there comes 20,young group from teens international team and help us to make our church successfully build.and it is standing high as a testimony of your hard work and dedication,dough let i would like to thank the team and leaders of that team,God bless you today we have twenty four daughter churches with us and more then two hundred churches in this district alone,praise the lord so i would like to invite your team again to my church when ever you come to nepal please do not go without visiting us and bless us with your prayer thank you and GOD bless .

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