Likambo, Godwill & Natalia Newsletter (Spring 2016)

 Likambo, Godwill & NataliaDear Friends and Family,

Another month in 2016 down! Is it true that time passes faster as you get older?

Here at TMI Uganda, the school term is almost half over. The classes seem to be going well but of course we have the language barrier that we have each year with some students.

To overcome, I started a small study group with my students who struggle the most. One can understand enough English to translate to his two friends in Rwandese and then one of the Rwandese students translates into Swahili for one of my Tanzanian students. It’s actually really fun! We’ve only managed one meeting so far because of sickness, but I’m hoping it’s something that we can continue for the terms to come. One of the students, Jean, is actually already a Pastor, a husband, and a father! He decided to come to BMW just to learn English! (So, let’s pray we can make it worth his while.)

Godwill working hard as always!

Godwill is making sure the students are working hard outside getting ready for the next planting season. The seasons seemed to be a little confused, going back and forth between rainy and dry, but it now seems to be trying to settle on rainy. We are fortunate to have some new students who are very hard workers and can catch the vision of expanding our gardens for the sake of their bellies and the furthering of the ministry. It seems that we are getting a lot of space cleared for planting within the next couple of weeks. We may, however, try hiring either a tractor or workers to dig the remainder of the gardens so that we can have optimum growth this season and make some income for the base.

Girls are learning how to flow together - we have some work to do!
Girls are learning how to flow together – we have some work to do!

My dance ministry has been going on well, but we usually run into the issue of not having a translator. Then there are some students who pretend they don’t speak English and then speak it perfectly after class! It’s a small trial, but the class itself is quite fun seeing the girls move in ways they didn’t think they could before. It’ll take a long time before we can perform in churches, but for now the class is opening doors for me to communicate with the girls, which is a pleasant surprise. We are learning that some of these girls come from homes where their parents don’t care what time they are home or what they do at night. We are praying that we can be in a positive force in their lives and keep them away from some potentially dangerous choices.

At home, Godwill and I are working towards our little garden. I can’t do a lot as far as carrying heavy water buckets or aggressive digging since my back goes out easily, but thankfully Godwill is quite robust. He has recently teamed up with our neighbor to start working on ginger pits, which can be a great investment if all works out, but we won’t know for another 10 months or so. We also have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, brussel sprouts, passion fruit trees, mango trees, and an attempt at strawberries. We can only do our part and let God do the rest. Hopefully this can help us budget-wise in the future.

We live in the house to the right.
We live in the house to the right.

As some of you know, I came down with a bout of malaria and am recovering as I write this to you. It’s strange how you can feel like you’re dying one moment and then be a new person within a day or two. I don’t usually approve of medicine, but in life or death situations, it’s definitely helpful… even if it does cause you to break out into continent-sized hives. I, of course, have to give a shout out to Godwill for taking care of me and the house and for working long hours during this time. He wins the Best Husband award in my book!

We praise God that everything seems to be going OK with the baby despite sickness. I will be going for a more intense check-up either this week or next just to make sure all my levels are correct and that the baby is growing correctly. I would have to say he or she is doing well since I can’t fit in my pants anymore!

Lastly, we would just like to ask for your prayers for the following items:

Our base in Uganda (and other bases): We have to be open and honest that our bases are experiencing hikes in the costs of utilities.  Water and electricity bills are more than we can handle and they are piling up. We are slowly working towards solar for the base and more water tanks.  We are looking for solutions to cover the costs and need prayer for wisdom and creativity.  

Health: No more Malaria or Typhoid! We obviously want everything to be OK for the baby so pray he or she is not affected by sickness.

-Gardens: Pray for our garden projects to go well so we can save money and eat healthy!

A Vehicle: With a growing family, the need for a vehicle has increased on all levels. It’s one thing to travel on a motorcycle or in a taxi as a single person, it’s even considered fun. As a married couple, it’s manageable. But now imagine a week’s worth of groceries surrounding you and your spouse, packed inside a Scooby-Doo van with 20-25 other people, a stroller, a baby, and a baby bag. Now imagine exiting the van and getting on a motorcycle with all of the above (including baby) and traveling a mile down the road, which is either a cloud of red dust or a slippery pile of mud. The only other option is to pay to use the ministry vehicle, which on our current budget is not possible as a continuous method.

Budget: We are thankful for the new supporters that we will soon be adding. They will be helping us to reach our short-term goal and it won’t feel like such a harsh blow when we get sick or when I need to go to the hospital for a monthly prenatal check-up. We are, however, still looking for monthly supporters and one-time supporters as we get closer to the arrival of the baby. Furniture, baby items, hospital bill coverage are all needs coming our way, as well as the car listed above.

We want all of our supporters, friends and family to know that we appreciate all the support as far as prayers and finances. We can find it so easy to be discouraged when things seem to be difficult in the ministry and at home, but with your help we feel encouraged and can carry on.

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To join us in monthly support, one time support, and specific giving towards a vehicle:



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(include a separate coupon or paper stating that the money is for the Likambos)

***If donations are specifically for the vehicle, please note that it is for the Likambo Vehicle so that it can be placed in the right account***

In Christ,

Godwill & Natalia

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