From the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, you will have the unique opportunity to see God’s beautiful creation while serving the people of Ecuador


Ecuador Flag

Dates: June 17 – August 4, 2017

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel:  After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight across the Straits of Florida, Cuba, and the Caribbean Sea to Bogota, Colombia. A connecting flight takes you to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. From Quito you bus to Guayaquil on the the coast and on to Playas located five miles from the Pacific Ocean. This is the new location of the Teen Missions in Ecuador Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center.

Ministry: You will get to use the block laying and carpentry skills you learned at Boot Camp by constructing housing and classrooms for the BMW students. The local churches are eager to welcome the team as you share with their congregations through song, drama and testimonies. 

Adventure: In Playas, you will have ample time to hit the beautiful white sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh seafood meal or an empanada at one of the local restaurants. While in Quito you will have the opportunity to visit El Mitad del Mundo, and stand across the Equator with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern! Here you will be able to shop for alpaca wool clothing and blankets, jewelry, dolls, leather goods and paintings.

Project Expense: $3290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2017 Mission Trips List



  1. Do I need a water bottle for boot camp and/or the field?

  2. Hi going through the packing list and trying to figure out if my son’s team is a evangelism team?

  3. Do you know if any kids are going through Denver Airport?

  4. Travis Lawhorne

    Hello, we purchased a pair of work boots for our son, & as we re-read thru the material I’m wondering if the boots will be permitted. They are 6-inch leather work boots, lace- up, not steel-toed, no gortex or insulation & no material on the sides per specifications, but they are waterproof and have rubber on the toe & the sides which makes them mostly brown, but some black & not solid brown. If not permitted we need to know before he breaks them in & arrives at boot camp with them. Thanks.

    • Travis, I cannot make the call without seeing them. As long as there is leather under the rubber, which would be fine. However, having rubber down the sides does not sound like there would be leather underneath the rubber. Please email me a picture at and check the inside to make sure there is leather under the rubber. Concrete will eat through the rubber…

  5. Andrew Milligan

    hi, I was wondering if I can bring a solar-powered camera charger,
    and if so can it have a flashlight on it.

  6. I’m filling out the Transportation to Boot Camp card. Where do I find the Computer ID#? On the mailing stickers?

    • Jill, Don’t worry about the computer ID number as we no longer use it. A sticker or name and team name and number will work.

  7. Can girls wear knee length shorts?

    How many days worth of clothes do they need to bring/how often do they do laundry?

    • Tara, No shorts of any length. You can bring as many clothes that will fit in your weight limit along with everything else. Usually 3-4 work outfits is fine.

        • Tara, Please read the General Fact Sheet as the things needed are listed there. She will need a dress for church. Also, on our website, under “resources” is the “packing list’. It says 2016, but is the same this year.

  8. Can u wear baggy tracksuit bottoms

  9. In the fee are plane tickets included if so what else is included in the cost for the trip

    • Cameron, Your transportation to/from your project country is included. Your round-trip transportation to/from FL is not included. Your food once you arrive to Boot Camp and through Debrief is provided. In country transportation is provided. What is not included: passport and visa fees, spending money, departure tax (if any), personal supplies, etc.

  10. Since there are no phones allowed, are cameras allowed?

  11. Are there still spots available?

  12. Hi, I am very interested in this trip. Are you allowed to have a cell phone during the mission trip?

  13. What would our accommodations be?

  14. What exactly does the project expense include?

    • Valeria, The bulk of it covers transportation to/from FL to the project country, in country transportation, work funds, food, etc. It does NOT include your round-trip transportation to/from FL from your home, spending money, money for passports/visas, departure taxes (most of the time, it is in your ticket), $30 deposits, medical expenses.

  15. If I fly in to OIA would the person meeting me there have a phone so I could call my parents to let them know I got there safely? If not, do y’all call the parents to let them know we got there safely?


    • Hope, We do have the kids call their parents when they arrive. You can bring a phone to call, but it will need to be turned in before boarding the bus and will be given back to you when you get to the airport for your flight home.

  16. what if you want to go with a friend

  17. Do you know the flight plans for this trip yet?

  18. I would like to take my youth group on a trip. Is the project expense divided by the number of participants, or does every participant pay the project expense? Also, it says ages 13-19 – Are youth leaders eligible for this trip, or is this only for teens to attend?

    • Ben, The project expense is per person. We need leaders to lead the teams. If you are wanting to take your whole youth group on a trip, you might want to consider a “Build Your Own Team” during their spring break or other holiday. Although it is rare, we have had several youth on the same team, but there are also other team members, most of them do not know anyone before the trip.

  19. Was the France trip cancels

  20. Melinda (Mindy) Conley

    Do they still have the buses that travel across the United States picking up teens to take them to Florida for Boot Camp. That is what I did in 91′ We had so much fun riding the bus!

  21. Hi I am thinking of going on this project

  22. Hey! 🙂
    I have been really wanting to go on a trip for a while, is Ecuador a good place for first time mission trip goers? I really want to open my eyes and see what other parts of the world experience. I feel like I take everything for granted – especially living in a 1st world country. I am having a hard time deciding where to go. Any advice? 🙂

    • Hey I went to Honduras last year and I’m thinking about going on this one and I think that the south american trips are good for first time but really your should do what you feel God is calling you to do.

  23. Hey so I was wondering if you have to be approved by your former leaders to go on this trip or not.

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