Zimbabwe Eyeglass & Medical

Help change the lives of people with poor eyesight in Zimbabwe, who will see clearly for the first time after being fitted with eyeglasses.  You will also receive basic first-aid training to assist the staff in treating those who come for help.


Dates: June 17 – August 4, 2017Zimbabwe

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel:  After completing your specialized training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Washington D.C. before boarding a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From Addis, a connecting flight takes you across the Rift Valley, Kenya and Tanzania, before arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa. After an hour-long drive from the airport, you will arrive at the Teen Missions in South Africa base where you will overnight. You then bus 10 hours north, through the African bush, where you may see hippos, elephants and zebras, to the Teen Missions in Zimbabwe Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center located near Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

Ministry:  While in Zimbabwe, you will travel to different villages to hold eyeglass clinics, meeting the needs of those who come. You will help at the Sunday schools by teaching Bible lessons, phonics, quizzing, crafts and playing games with the children. There will also be opportunities to share the Gospel through puppets, music and dramas.

Adventure:  A trip is planned to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, discovered in 1855 by early missionary and explorer, David Livingstone. Enjoy a breathtaking view of these beautiful waterfalls known as the “Smoke that Thunders”. You will have opportunities to purchase different kinds of native handiwork such as wood carvings, baskets, textile work and drums as souvenirs of your summer.

Project Expense: $4590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2017 Mission Trips List



  1. Can I donate glasses? My son is going on the trip. Can I send them with him?

  2. Girls must wear skirts and dresses, is it possible to be able to wear a jumpsuit? For better functioning in?

    • Grace, A jump-suit dress/skirt? If so, that is OK. The easiest thing is to get a long flowing skirt and wear shorts or leggings underneath for modesty and comfort.

  3. If I lost any papers from the package that was sent in January, is there anyway I can ask for it again? Or get a copy of it online? Thanks.

  4. When will the Visa information arrive?

    • Terra, You will be getting your visa upon arrival. That information will be mailed in your Individual Team Fact Sheet which will be mailed later this month.

      • Beth, is there a date that the Visa paperwork is due in Florida? This information will help me determine if I need to expedite my request for a certified birth certificate copy or if regular mail will suffice. Do they just bring it with them to boot camp? Thank you.

        • Lisa, There is not a date. We prefer you mail it in as the team members forget about it and sometimes the paperwork ends up getting lost and then found MUCH later. Don’t expedite it, but have everything ready to go and send when it arrives.

  5. Do you know how many stamps it will probably take per letter? If I’m sending from Zimbabwe?

    • Lorena, It is usually around $1 – $1.50 to mail a letter from overseas (You can google it!). However, you cannot use US stamps. You have to use stamps from Zimbabwe.

  6. I heard that teen missions bought the plane tickets. Has no one canceled yet?

    • Jacob, We have not done the final purchasing of tickets. We will call you as soon as there is an opening. You do know that wherever you go is exactly where God wants you!

  7. Hi,
    I am ready to send my first finance deposit. The envelope says I need to include my computer ID#. Could you tell me what that is? Thanks.

  8. I just wanting to know how I’m doing on the waiting list.

  9. I am interested for my 16 yr old son. It looks like you have a waiting list. Where would he be on the waiting list?

    • Julie, He will need to sign up for a team to be on the waiting list. Right now, I think there is only 1-2 already on it.

  10. What is the team number?

  11. Hey I’ve been assigned to my second choice to nepal and they are going to send me the Nepal stuff. I was wondering if I could get the Zimbabwe letters instead cause I’m on the waiting list.

    • Jacob, You cannot get the prayer cards and letters until you are placed on the team. You can include a note when you send out the letters that you are on the waiting list for Zimbabwe and hope to go there.

  12. Hey is it full for guys?

  13. Will this mission trip be available summer 2018? If so may we register for it? My daughter would like to do this after she graduates from high school.

  14. Is there still spots available?

    • Emma, Right now it is full to girls. You can go ahead and register and put down other choices and ask to be put on the waiting list. That way you can go ahead and start raising your support. Once there is a cancellation, we can place you on the team.

  15. Do we need to apply for a visa?

  16. Hey everyone! If you are on the team or know anyone who is, feel free to join the team’s Facebook page: TMI Zimbabwe Eyeglass and Medical 2017

  17. I registered for this trip around the end of November and I was just wondering when I should receive my packet. I’d like to begin fundraising as soon as possible!

  18. How many spots are still available?

  19. How do I send the first $300 that’s due?

  20. Are leaders already assigned to this trip if so is it possible to find out who they are?

  21. Hello, I just got my packet in the mail, and as I am filling out the paperwork , it’s asking for the name and number of the trip. Is the name ‘Zimbabwe Eyeglass & Medical’ and the number is the number in the bottom right of my prayer card? Thanks!

  22. I registered for this trip around the end of October, do you know when my prayer cards and support letters will arrive? I am so excited to begin fundraising! 🙂

  23. Are the air line tickets included in the price. What all who I have to pay for that is not in the price.

    • And how much time would be spent with the children there?

      • Rai, I cannot give you an exact amount of time as there are many factors involved. I can tell you that wherever you are, there will be tons of children around!

    • Rai, The airline tickets to/from your project country are included. It does not include your round trip transportation to/from FL, our passport and visa costs, spending money, departure taxes (if any), etc. It does cover your transportation to/from project country, food (unless you choose to eat out) and transportation within country.

  24. Will there be anyway to contact home while on this trip? Can we send letter?

    • Samaramaesmyer, You will call your parents before you leave, write them on the field and call when you return to the States. If there are any emergencies, we will contact them or they can call the US office which will get in touch with the leaders.

  25. When will support letters be sent?

  26. Where in Zimbabwe is this trip? Or what Province?

  27. Hi! My name is Stevie and I would really like to find out more information about this trip! Who do i contact?

  28. What are the age requirements?

  29. When is the deadline to sign up??

    • Gage, The deadline is late spring, but the earlier you sign up, the more time you have to raise your support. Your choices decrease as time goes on due to seat reductions, etc.

  30. Are the kids allowed to listen to music with earbuds while on the airplane–I know this might be a weird question but my child really wants to know.

    • James, No, they are not allowed any electronic devices (except a digital camera). We want them to fellowship with the team and/or talk with other passengers.

  31. Is there an estimated range of price that you have right now?

  32. I just signed up for this trip and have two questions
    ~when do we get the packets with the info about our team and prayer cards ?
    ~and i live close and know people that work at teen missions can i come and pay the registration fee?

  33. Also, are individuals allowed to register?

  34. Exactly how much does this cost/what is included?

    • Annie, The final cost will not be posted until in the fall when we get the airline costs. You can get an idea from the 2016 costs. All the other information is included in the copy.

  35. A while ago, I heard God say one word and it was Zimbabwe. Now I cant seem to get Zimbabwe out of my head. So I looked on here and saw this was a mission trip. However I was wondering how much it will cost

  36. When will the estimated price be posted?

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