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Do you want to share the love of Jesus Christ with orphans and youth living in extreme poverty? Then come spend your summer in Zambia, “The Real Africa”.


Dates: June 17 – August 11, 2017

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel: After Commissioning you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Toronto, Canada, before boarding a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, to London, England, where you may have time for some famous fish ‘n’ chips. A connecting flight takes you across the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea and the Equator before arriving in Nairobi, Kenya and on to Ndola, located in the Copper Belt region of Zambia. It is just a 20-minute drive from the airport to the Teen Missions Zambia Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center.

Ministry: The remote bush of Zambia will be your “home field” this summer.  You will spend the mornings preparing an area that will become a soccer field for local orphans.  During the afternoon you will be involved in clinics to teach soccer skills. You will also help Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Circuit Riders teach Bible lessons, phonics, quizzing and crafts as well as help the AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit facilitators administer much needed basic medical care. These experiences will forever change your life.

Adventure: You will bus 10-hours south for an overnight stay at the world famous Victoria Falls, also known locally as “the smoke that thunders”. A river safari cruise awaits you on the Zambezi River which is the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. You may see elephants bathing in the river or possibly a hippopotamus yawning with mouth wide open. Wood carvings, copper articles, drums, baskets and jewelry are just a few of the souvenirs available to purchase before returning home.

Project Expense: $4690 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. are there any spots left for boys

    • Jody, Right now it is full. If you go ahead and register for another team, we can put you on the waiting list.

  2. For this trip should we bring soccer cleats?

    • Anne, That information will come out later in the spring. In the past, you could bring different shoes for soccer. Since the kids play barefoot, cleats are not always a wise option. We will let you know later in the spring what (if any) type of shoes to bring for playing soccer.

  3. My daughter is very interested in this trip. She plans to be a full time missionary and plays soccer for her high school, so this trip would be perfect. Are there spots left for girls?

  4. Saphirejadequintana

    I am very excited to wanting to become part of this and I love God and helping people. In need is their any spots open for girls age 15

  5. Are there still spots for girls on this trip?

  6. are there still spots for girls?

  7. Hello! Are there still spots available for this trip?

  8. I was wondering how much of this trip is medical and I was also wondering what would happen to my money if I was not able to go because of financial reasons, sickness, ect. 🙂

    • Rai, Most of your time will be spent with the children – playing games, soccer, etc. We will call you before doing the final booking of the airline tickets. If you don’t think you will be able to raise the money at that time, then you would need to switch to a cheaper team.

  9. I was also wondering how much of this trip is dealing with medical? 🙂

    • Rai, It will really depend on the needs. There may be days where you spend a lot of time doing medical, but there may be days where you won’t do any. Either way, it is minor first aid care.

  10. Do you have to be a good soccer player to join this mission ?

    • Taylor, There is still room on the Zambia team. And you do not have to know how to play soccer to participate. That is not all the team will be doing.

  11. Are there still spots open for the Zambia Soccer team?

  12. Are there any fundraising opportunities and/or scholarships? We have 4 kiddos and one of our 14 year old twin girls is very interested in missions.

    • Debi A, I am sorry, but we don’t have scholarships, but we do provide prayer letters/cards for you to send out to family and friends to help your raise your support. We, as staff, have to raise our own monthly support and when our children go in the summer, we must also raise their support. It seems “impossible”, but it is exciting to watch God provide. You can also solicit from businesses, garage/bake sales, spaghetti dinners, etc.

    • Debi, We have 6 kids one of my sons has gone twice and another is thinking about doing it this summer. There are tons of things you can do to fundraise. TMI gives you a letter and prayer cards when you sign up that you can send out to family and friends. If you can get 40 people to commit to giving $25 for the next 5 months you are more than covered. TMI can’t give you the money back if you go over so if people give you cash (and don’t need a tax receipt) you may want to hold it to cover the cost of the flight to TMI. We asked people in the spring if they were doing spring cleaning and wanted someone to haul off their stuff we would be happy to then we had a huge yard sale, this raised the money for plane tickets (to and from TMI, tickets to the field are covered in the cost) and spending money. It is an awesome opportunity for your children to see God at work and His provision and for the whole family to be part of the mission even if they aren’t the ones going.

  13. does anyone know if teens do boot camp in FL??

  14. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what this trip costs? I am trying to decide which three to register my son for and would love to know an estimate- thanks for any help!

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