A Poland Report

13 Poland

Greetings from Boot Camp!

God has continued to bless us with mild weather, as well as a refreshing breeze to keep us all cool. The team had a chance yesterday to try their hand at pouring concrete. Though they were a little apprehensive at first,  everyone had a chance to try everything. Erik has discovered that he actually really enjoys mixing concrete! 

    Music class was a success today, once again. Aryn was more than thrilled to help in teaching the kids a new song, complete with hand motions. 

   Under other accomplishments for the day; Virginia has successfully mastered the art of a perfect bucket bath during our bath and laundry time.

All in all, the team’s doing fantastically. They’re thrilled with the classes they’ve taken so far and can’t wait to use their new found skills in Poland!

“I may be covered in mosquito bites and super itchy, but I love TMI and Boot Camp. People who have heard horror stories and see the conditions wonder why someone would come back. I came back because it brought me closer to God and has shown me that I have a gift and heart for missions that I want to pursue more and possibly make into a full-time thing. God has already blessed me with a second awesome team and I can’t wait for more.” -Kaitlyn James

“Though the Lord’s Boot Camp is bug infested and humid, the love of God is all around. This is my 4th trip to the Lord’s Boot Camp, I’m always so happy to see familiar faces and be able to have an even closer connection to God. My bug bites are burning, just like my love for God.” -Joshua Burd

“For the first time ever, I was the front flag today, which means that when we ran the daily Obstacle Course (the OC in Boot Camp slang), I got to lead the way for all my teammates. Surprisingly, I really liked it, despite all the running. Hopefully I’ll do even better next time, and the weather will stay just as cool as it has been. I wouldn’t even mind if it rained again, just as long as it’s not too hot.”-Hannah Shipman

Much love from Florida, 

Team Poland


  1. Loving the hot pink Kassi! Praying for you & your team. So glad it’s you & not me in the heat, humidity, bugs, dirt, sweat….. 😉
    Love you! Mom (Hong Kong Camp 8643)

  2. So proud of you Kaitlyn! What an amazing young lady you are becoming! Love you so much! Hope you have the best time and are able to share God with many! Love you….

  3. Love and Prayers to the Poland Team. So proud of you Kaitlyn James!
    Countdown is on, only a week left you guys , you can make this. I’ve been in the trenches there with you guys , Hungary 1992, you’ve Got It!

  4. Love the updates. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are praying everyday for you. We know God has some really special plans for you this summer. He never disappoints. Go team!!!

    Don and Memy

  5. First week over! You are all amazing . Keep training hard. God is already using you to encourage us who are praying for you every step of the way!
    Go Lucas!

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