Australia Testimonies

01 Australia  and 21 Indiana Teams

01 Australia and 21 Indiana Teams

Kaleb–Slough was easy, so far. But we were combined with another team that does not have quite enough speed and order.

Sam–Very easy. The hardest part is the heat, mosquitos, and waiting for the people that don’t put in the work.

Peter S.–It was super easy and humid.

Erika–It was fun and hot. And humid. I loved it. : )

Kalie–It was really fun. I accidentally was breathing with my mouth open so my throat hurts a little. But other than that, it’s awesome!

James–It’s pretty fun.

Pete–My biceps are hurting from lifting people over the wall.

Joshua–I’m not really sure what to say.

Jonathan–It’s difficult, but fun.

Mary–I made it over the slough the first time. My mom fell in.

Jude–Slough was epic. Also the 5 D’s of the devil is fun.



  1. It is awesome to see the little quotes. Keep working as a team. Those who are strong encourage and help the weak. We will all need help at one point in time. It is so exciting to see you all.

  2. Go Australia and Indiana..get everyone over that wall! Keep up the teamwork and have fun! God Bless

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