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06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp!   We arrived on Saturday to a very hot day in Florida!   Thankfully, the Lord has sent some rain and lots of cool breezes the last two days.  It has helped to make the class time under the Big Top much cooler.   We all got settled into our tents quickly.  
Last night, when we returned to our campsite, we were welcomed by a couple of armadillos!  We are all adjusting well and last night we won the clean award in Rally so we got to swim in the pool today!  That sure did feel good.  Claire is making sure that we all check for trash because she is very motivated to not get the Piggy Award and have to clean bathrooms.  (LOL)  
This morning, we did the World Map Challenge and so we didn’t have to run the Obstacle Course.  All the team members were excited about having dry feet today because they didn’t have to worry about falling the the Slough.  The Rally’s have been great and the messages are so good.   We have a great team and we are starting to bond together like a family.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  If you would like to send an email to one of our team members during Boot Camp here is the address:

Team number First initial last [email protected]  for example:  [email protected]
Team Member testimonies
Rachel W:  Hi everyone!  I finished 1st Obstacle Course the other day.  I managed to make it over the Wall but sadly, not the Slough.  It was a lot of laughs and sweet.  We have had good weather so far.  Boot Camp has been great except for the mosquitoes.  
Noah R:  The OC is a really great element of Boot Camp.  It’s hard to get moving.  The slough is my favorite obstacle.  It’s the only one that has a real consequence for not completing it so it provides motivation to try.

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