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17 Cameroon

The Cameroon Team is doing well here at Boot Camp. Everyone arrived safe and is settled into their tents. Orientation is over and today is our first day of classes. They LOVED the Obstacle Course. Everyone made it over the Slough except Anna Y., but she was close and we are hoping she too will have dry boots tomorrow after the OC. They are excited about running the Obstacle Course tomorrow. Today we did the World Map Puzzle instead.

 Drama class is a favorite for some. Judah and JonMichael took the lead parts in the first drama we learned. We also had a great first day in music class with the boys singing louder than the girls and sounding really good together. We are memorizing verse #2 today, but most have said 4 or 5 already. JonMichael has completed six verses. Yesterday was the first bucket bath experience for most. Anna Y. said taking a bucket bath is the hardest thing she has had to do here and even with cutting eight inches off her hair it is still too much to wash. I think some of the boys might say the hardest thing is keeping their tent clean. Today is the first day Miss Piggy is checking the tent sites, so we will see how we do. 

We leaders have nothing but praise for these wonderful kids. They listen well, are respectful, helpful, cheerful and willing to do anything that is asked of them. They are growing closer as a team and enjoying each other’s friendship. We are looking forward to spending the summer together!


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  1. Thank you so much for this update. Makes my heart glad to hear something personal about Judah and that he is adjusting. Judah’s family is praying for Team Cameroon!!!

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