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02 China

Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!  

The China team is excited to begin their training.  All 21 team members arrived safely, after a few airplane delays due to weather.  Although some of the team members were exhausted due to long travel, everyone was anxious to being orientation on Sunday. The team did an amazing job on their first run of the Obstacle Course (O.C.).  Everyone made it to the Wall and we were even able to get four team members over the Wall.  It was encouraging to watch the team members begin to learn how to work together and see many of our Former Team Members encouraging the first timers as they tackled the obstacles.  

Today began our first day of “official” Boot Camp training.
 The team had the opportunity to take classes in Music, Phonics, Puppets and Carpentry.   The team is looking forward to how we’re going to use these skills in China this summer.  We also had the privilege of helping on KP (Kitchen Patrol).  The team divided up into small groups and some served food while others washed the dishes.  Everyone was cheerful and willing to serve.  Due to our KP responsibilities, we were not able to run the OC today but we will return to it tomorrow.   

Every evening our leader, Ryan, gathers the team together and we spend a time together praying and debriefing about our day.  Yesterday Ryan asked the time what they were looking forward to most about Boot Camp.  Over and over the same answer was repeated…the “O.C.” and devotions.  We as a leadership team are excited to see the kids on this team have a passion for the Word of God and hunger and thirst to learn more about Him this summer and we are thrilled to see the drive and determination they have to do the OC every morning.  We are praying that God will do amazing things in & through us this summer as we head to China.  We cherish your prayers as we prepare for ministry this summer.  Thank you.


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