Ecuador Backpack

18 EcuadorWe have a great team here at Boot Camp. Everyone arrived safe and sound. Spirits are good and the teens have already started to bond as a team. They are doing so well on the Obstacle Course, still having trouble with the Slough though, toes skimming the top of the water and noses skimming the top of the water, but we actually got everyone to the wall and got 14 over. For only being together for a couple days they are doing well. 

We would like to thank the parents of our teams members for allowing us the privilege of taking your child to Ecuador. It will be exciting to see how  God uses this group of young people to expand His kingdom. 
Tania H. – Even though it’s only the beginning of the summer. our team has clicked. I know God is going to do great things through us this summer.  —Noah A.

I have been having a blast at Boot Camp. Despite the rain, dirt, heat, sweat and humidity we have learned a lot. The Obstacle Course is an excellent challenge to start the day, even it means getting a little wet in the slough. Our team is really starting to bond in spite of our own personal quirks. 


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