Honduras Report

20 Honduras
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
Today begins the first official day of Boot Camp with classes in full swing! On Registration Day, we had two teens cancel which is unfortunate and we now are a team of 17! We are thankful for all the team members and family members who arrived safely here at the Lord’s Boot Camp Saturday.

There has been rain every morning throughout the day but today is absolutely beautiful—some of the best Boot Camp weather that we have had in a while! We hope and pray it will stay like this for the remaining time at Boot Camp!

It is encouraging to see the team members open up more and become more comfortable with each other in just the few short days of being here. This morning, the team ran the Obstacle Course for the first official time (had a practice run Sunday) and they were able to get eight over the twelve-foot wall. In the morning, after breakfast and devotions, we have work classes until lunch. After lunch we have Phonics class then free time / Special Blessings time followed by bath/laundry time then music class.

We are very thankful for the musical talent on the team!
We have a cajon, flute, violin and guitar. Maybe after the team this summer, we will start a band! 🙂 The team members seem to all be getting along rather well which is awesome! We are excited to see how the Lord will use them throughout the rest of the summer that is for sure. As the days progress, the team continues to get more excited for our adventures in Honduras! 


Abi Sumin

“We got here alive and I love it!! The bugs are awful! Obstacle Course is amazing! I am glad I came! There is no other way I want to spend my summer!”


Gabriel Palomares

“Mosquitoes not so great, but I have great people to enjoy them with. Praying for strength and patience while here but I’m so excited for Honduras and what God does there.”


Carissa Reonas

“I wasn’t so sure of what I expected but I’m glad this is what the came is like. I’m interested in the experiences I’ll get from this. The camp itself isn’t that bad, the bugs love to eat people, and the O.C (Obstacle Course) isn’t that bad. It’s fun.This camp is just overflowing with the love of God.”



  1. Praying for you and your team and for those who will hear the gospel. Look forward to hearing about all your experiences.

  2. Praying for you and your team and for those who will hear the gospel

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