India Orphanage Report

04 IndiaWow! It has been three days since the team arrived! During the first two days, I noticed that it was very quiet at the eating site. The two pairs of sisters sat together, former team members who knew each other sat together and the ones who had never been here sat together. There was very little noise. Last night, the sisters and former team members were scattered among the other team members and there was lots of laughter and conversations going on. The Lord is unifying this team!

The team is in the full swing of Boot Camp with their classes. They are doing very well with running the Obstacle Course. Some are getting wet in the Slough, but their attitudes are great!

Last night, during the rally, we found out that we had won “Run From The Devil”, the “World Map” Obstacle Course and Brainstorming. With the Brainstorming win, the team was able to swim in the pool today which they thoroughly enjoyed! The leaders are happy that we have not been called up on stage for the Pig Award. Not being called up means that you didn’t win the Pig Award (and have to clean the bathrooms), but it also means that you didn’t win the Cleanliness Award (which would mean pool time).

The weather has been GREAT! It has been cool in the evenings and the rain hasn’t been too bad. We KNOW that the heat is coming.

Here are some testimonies:

Darin M. – Hey Mom and Dad! Boot Camp is really great and I’m making a lot of new friends. I get a little homesick every once in awhile, but overall, I’m having fun and can’t wait to go to India!

Cory C. – Hi Mom and Dad! I’m doing fine. We have started classes. Mosquito bites hurt, but no blisters!

Rachael E. – Hey Mom and Dad! This is Rachael. Boot Camp is going great – not AT ALL as bad as you said it would be. No Sbs so far, but it’s only the first week! Love you all lots! See you in two months.

Isaiah W. – So far, Boot Camp has been a great character builder, not just physically, but also spiritually! It hasn’t been as bad or as stressful as I thought it would be. However, there are definitely downs which you only get through with the grace of God.

Miles B. – Boot Camp is hot! But it is life changing in ways unimaginable. God has been working on me since day one.

Sarah C. – Boot Camp is going well. It is very interesting and there are a lot of new people to meet.

Morgan V. – I fell into the Slough on the first day and got super soaked. Love you guys and miss you!


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