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The first three days of Boot Camp have gone by in a blur of action. Saturday was arrival day and that was intense but exciting. We had Anthony and Tonecup arrive early in the day and the rest showed up late in the day, so it was relatively quiet for us up until the afternoon. 

 Everyone got settled into the tents well and seem to be adjusting to the sleeping conditions. The team did a good job running the Obstacle Course today (Graydon made it across twice now, praise God) and they have taken a few classes as well such as puppets and puppets. The team is currently in the drama class learning dramas for when we do presentations at churches in Indiana. 

I told the team today that Boot Camp is a forge and we are the metal and when we come out we will be stronger than when we first went in. Even though it is just the third day I can see changes starting to occur. They are each being challenge in different ways and it’s good for them to be out of their comfort zone because it will help them to seek God more and more.

 Sarah and I were very excited to see all of your children. We are blessed that you have entrusted you most treasured possession to us for the summer. We are excited to see what God is going to do both in and through your children. 

 The one thing they all agree on is is that the mosquitoes are pure evil and deserve to die. They all put repellent on liberally, and I mean LIBERALLY. 

 Caleb H. “I have learned to listen to the Holy Spirit, I enjoy the time with the Lord and to throw off things that hinder us.”

 Tonecup “Through the past couple of days, God has been teaching me patience and how to be silent because my team is a little hyper and talkative which I’m not used to because I like quiet and calm, but I’m starting to learn how to go with the flow a little more.”


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  1. Thank you Joshua and Sarah, we are praying for you all.

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