Kilimanjaro Report

22 Kilimanjaro

All team members arrived safely and so did all of their luggage – Praise the Lord!  We have nine girls and 11 boys.  We got a crazy start with serving KP on Orientation Day, but everyone had great attitudes despite all the rush, rush, rush, and did a great job serving food to the other teams and washing dishes.  

They did a great job on the Obstacle Course and are excited to have time to talk about how to do even better.  Today’s big excitement is getting our hiking backpacks to carry around Boot Camp to get used to them, then anyone will be able to tell which team we are!  

Everyone is getting to know each other and everyone seems to be adjusting to Boot Camp already.  Big thanks to all the parents, friends and supporters who made this all possible!!  Please pray for us during Boot Camp, that the Lord will do a mighty work, both in our team and in those we will be reaching out to.


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  1. Thank you so much for the update!!! We are excited to see what God will do with and through Remington as well as his team. Thank you for taking the time to invest into all these young lives. It means a lot to us!!! We are praying for all of you!

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