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05 Madagascar

The Madagascar Team is here and we are having fun getting to know each other.  They have done super well on the Obstacle Course and they enjoyed the Bible Missionary & Work Training Center graduation yesterday.

It has rained every day so far, but that has not dampened our spirits.  We are ready to start motorcycle training today!!!!!

Today is the first official training day for all the teams and so classes are getting interesting and we’re looking forward to learning all that we will need when we get to the field.
Please pray for our team – that tents will stay dry and we will get plenty of rest.  Also pray that we will continue to work to become a team, so we can work together even better than we already do.  

Ryan Vance:  So Boot Camp. . . This is my third time through.  It is still always a new experience every time.  I learn something new every time and I’m excited to learn something else new.  Can’t wait to get to the field and get to the project.
Laurel Compton:  I have quickly adjusted to Boot Camp and I’m excited to learn the skills needed for traveling overseas.  Each day my team grows closer and learns how to work together better.  I can tell this is the start of a fantastic summer.

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  1. Praying for you guys, Madagascar!

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