Malawi Mangochi

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams
06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

Team Malawi Mangochi is a great team!  Everybody has arrived and is doing well.  The team is bonding quickly and spirits are high.  We did the Obstacle Course (the OC) for the first time yesterday.  Because we are a small team we are teamed up with Cambodia for the OC.  Together they are affectionately called Cambochi.  The 2 teams were able to get 9 people over the wall.  The Slough is always a challenge but the kids are excited to keep trying.  Today (Monday) the team is starting their daily classes and will be learning many things including puppets, block laying, and music.  We have had a little rain over the last few days but it has been a blessing by making the weather cooler. 

We would like to thank the parents of our team members for allowing us the privilege of taking your child to Malawi.  It will be exciting to see the great things God does in and through us.

Everett L. K. – I think God is trying to teach me humility and selflessness while I’m here.  I feel like I have to much pride and just need to work on showing a more selfless Christ like attitude.

Abigail S. – I have always thought I was close to the Lord but coming here, the verse James 4:8 has a whole new meaning.  We can’t get close enough!  He will always blow our socks off with His ways of blessing us.  The Lord see’s our efforts and blesses us over and over.  🙂

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  1. I’m sooo happy to find these updates! I didn’t know they were here! Soo happy for your good team spirit and bonding! Am praying for each of you every day.

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