Malawi Well Drilling Report

23 Malawi Well DrillingParents and faithful prayer partners for our team:

Things have been going very well.  Our team is coming together nicely and we enjoy one another.  Our free time is filled with laughter.  
The weather has been so nice this year and in fact, many find it necessary to wear jackets in the morning.  On the 21st we had our first KP duty.  We served the entire camp during lunch.   
We enjoy the Obstacle Course and learning to work together as a team.  Our four boys help so much in getting us all over the Wall.
We are convinced that the mosquitos breed in our tent site and that they love bug spray.  We feel that instead of repelling them we are providing a snack.  
Sarah, Joelle, Eden, Cami, Lauren, Coco, Amanda, Claire, Jordan, Marela, Emma, Olivia, Andrew, Alex, Matthew and Harrison are all doing well.  
Olivia—Boot Camp has been really great.  It definitely has its hard moments (like falling in the Slough twice already).  I’m really learning to trust God and rely on Him for everything.  We have the best team ever, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my summer with them.  I miss all of you and at home and love you!
Coco—I have really enjoyed my time at Boot Camp so far.  The first days were a little overwhelming but now most of us have got the hang of it.  Yesterday we started our official day of Boot Camp which was super fun.  My favorite class is probably drama.  I miss you mom, Julien, Nicolas, Alexandre and papa.  PS  I have sent letter.  Love you!
We are praying daily as a team that we will hit a clean source of water for the village we are going to.  We are also praying that our words and actions will glorify the Lord .  

Blessings the Malawi Leaders




  1. I’m so excited for these youth. i am praying for them.

  2. I’m so glad things are going well. Cami you look so happy and I’m sure you are having a great time. Love Mom

  3. Jennifer Wadman

    Thanks for a comprehensive report Malawi leaders. You guys are terrific. Thank you for loving and encouraging our children!

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