Zambia Eyeglass & Medical

27 ZambiaThe Zambia Eyeglass and Medical team has taken up temporary residency in Canal View, a 4-5 minute walk from camp.  We are refreshed with daytime showers of rain and cooler temperatures at night.  We are happy to pass along a team member becoming a Christian after Sunday PM rally!  
On the Obstacle Course, the Zambia team does well with the Books of the Bible and mustered ten people over the Wall the first day!  
We are in the planning phases of our future presentations  

Boot Camp has been great so far.  The weather has been pretty cool for Florida, although we’ve had a lot of rain.  Our team did really great at the OC.  We even got ten people over the Wall.  Ana S.

As a former team member, coming back to Boot Camp fills the emptiness I have to serve the Lord.  God has blessed be with an amazing team that also focuses on serving the Lord.  Jonah Hoppe


  1. Stephanie Spindler

    Have two boys on this team who went on teams (different teams, different summers) with us. Praying for an awesome time of serving the Lord for the entire team! God bless you all. Especially encouraged to hear about the one team member getting saved.

  2. Lorna Mjolsness

    Go Zambia team! Wishing you a wonderful summer and bonding for life time friendships and rejoicing with the newest young person that has come to the Lord. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

  3. Thank you for the report. Praise God for the one who accepted Christ! Thankful for the cooler weather also. I’m still listening for Team Zambia to be called out in the evening services…hopefully not for being a piggy!

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