2nd Cameroon Report

The Cameroon Team is doing well.

We won the OC yesterday getting six people over the Wall with no DQs. We did get to raise our team-made flag up the flag pole this morning. Today on the OC we got 11 over the wall, but did DQ at the Slough. Check out the video on Facebook titled Slough #2. 

 We had our free time out at the lake and enjoyed swinging on the Carousel rope swing. Caleb (our FTM) was asked to help out in Preteen Re17 Cameroongistration this afternoon so he missed out, but we will get to go again. 

We are getting really close to winning the Cleanliness Award. We had a score of 91 then 94 last night and they are getting super excited that we may just win it sometime soon. 

We are excited that the time is soon approaching for our last team member to join us, hopefully on June 25. We are looking forward to getting to know her.


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  1. So glad to they are all doing so good!!!
    Miss you AnnaKate

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