Another Indiana Report

01 Australia  and 21 Indiana Teams

01 Australia and 21 Indiana Teams

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The team is trooping through Boot Camp. It has been tough and the mosquitos are despicable, but praise be to God the county sent the helicopter to spray the property and the mosquito population has decreased drastically. The team didn’t have to lather themselves in bug spray this morning which was great! 

 We had a class on fair evangelism this morning to help us prepare for the tri-state fairs. We also have Kitchen Patrol today, which has been going well, the team served lunch and well breakfast we unfortunately were late. 

 Puppets has been fun, at first the team thought it was a bit of a joke, but after the teacher spoke to us about the importance of using puppets to attract a crowd everybody got serious about it. Bathing and laundry went well today the guys got everyone else to start a song, which they thought was awesome. Caleb and Nata started it Caleb got a beat going and Nata added some beat boxing. 

Sata and Tonekup are the only girls on the team, they are doing well and keeping the boys in check… Or at least they are trying too.

 Anthony —”It has been really hard cause its not easy for me but I have learned to be more open and have fun, I’m excited for future days and years at this camp. It is more than worth it, everyone is really nice and loving!!”

 Graydon—”Hi my name is Grayden and I’ve been having fun with the obstacle course (He made it over twice now) I’ve also been on kitchen patrol. This is my second year here at boot camp, I was on this team last year as well.”



  1. Anthony, you’ve got this! Keep your mind and heart open and let God’s love flow through! We’re praying for you and your group every day. Sunny

  2. VERY PROUD of you Anthony…. i know you will find what your looking for in Jesus. We are all rooting for you….love mom

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