Another Report From The China Team

02 China

Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!

 The team has been enjoying the mild weather we have been having the past few days.  Today it feels like it’s going to be a warm one today though.  The team is beginning to get to know each other.  It is fun to see the different personalities develop on the team.  Everyone seems to be getting along well & it’s exciting to see that everyone wants to be here!  Today starts our 3rd day of Boot Camp training.  Every morning the team wakes up early and runs the OC (when they’re not on KP) and then eats breakfast and does their devotions.  This team loves to run the OC.  After their 2 hours of morning Bible classes the team practices music and then serves their team S.B. (special blessings).  So far we have had three team S.B.’s, all of them for being late….but we are working on it 🙂  In the afternoon we are doing our laundry or taking a bath, then Phonics class, puppets and construction classes. The evening rallies have been a fun time for the team.  Everyone does a cheer & then sing during worship time.  The speakers have been wonderful and the kids continue to talk about what they shared the next day. The team is excited to compete boot camp and they have begun counting the days.  

Two team members wanted to share a bit about how Boot Camp has been going and why they are here:

“Camp is going well so far!  I’ve met a lot of new people and met old friends.  Classes are very well also my favorite so far is phonics with Mrs. Erin Fast! Hi Mom!  Well got to run! Lots to do!” – Lea A.

“I first came to TMI in 2014 when I was 14 with the ‘Zambia Eyeglass and Medical team.’ Not going to lie, my main movie was not to serve and grow closer to God.  I came to travel and have an ‘Adventure.’  I was expecting Boot Camp to be like summer camp but I was sadly mistaken.  When I arrived I was in shock.  I shut down and didn’t really talk to anyone.  At first I was mad at God but by doing my devotions and hearing the sermons I started to turn to God when I was down.  Soon God became more of a friend than a higher power.  By going on my mission I gained appreciation for so many things I took for granted.  I came out a better person and learned many lessons.” – Erin C.


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