Another Report From The Honduras Team

20 Honduras

Greetings from Boot Camp!  Because I do not have internet access and have not seen the last report from Leader Emily, please forgive any repeated information :).   Team Honduras is doing very well.  This is an outstanding group of young people.  They work hard, keep a cheerful attitude, and their teamwork is already great.  Classes continue and today they will learn how to lay out the foundation of a building with a plumb line and a lot of careful measurement.  In drama class, the team just learned a mime called “Colors” which incorporates different colored fabrics and shows the Gospel… it is very moving to watch, and many of our team members enjoy drama.  In music class our team is putting together a presentation of English and Spanish songs to sing on the field, including enthusiastic actions and the instrumental talents of Carissa, Tim, Emerald, and Seth S.  The team is excited to swim in the lake (at least we can pretend to be clean for that little bit of time!).  We appreciate your prayers and support back home and look forward to the learning and growing that is will continue to happen here in the Lord’s Boot Camp.  

“This is the fifth day of Boot Camp and I’ve enjoyed my time in this place very much so far. I’ve loved hearing all of the speakers as so many people are called to accept God’s wonderful gift – my favorite time of the day is watching those who wish and have the ultimate will to accept Jesus as their Savior and admit their sins.  Last night was amazing – the feeling of ultimate Good in the Big Top reached awesome levels and I could not stop smiling as I watched them be counseled with other leaders – I love Boot Camp and can’t wait to go to Honduras!” – Grace D.

 “I never thought I would be so excited to do laundry and bathe.  Also, the county sprayed for mosquitoes and it worked very well.  We are all getting along very well and are all healthy.  Even though it’s only been a few days, I feel like I’ve known everyone for a very long time.”   – Coral

 “I’m having a great time and have been able to catch up with a lot of former team members.” – Kyle



  1. I can still see you Daisy. Be safe.

  2. Love you LOTS Alyssa looks like everything is going Good for you & your group. Hugs to you. lots of activity going on there. Be strong and Enjoy the experience. love,, gramma

  3. Dear Grace, Pop Pop and I are so happy that you are enjoying your time there, with all your group. God Bless You and keep you safe. We love you very much. LOVE YOU LOTS POP AND NEENA

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