Another Report From The Kilimanjaro Team

22 Kilimanjaro

So Far So Great!

 This week has been going really smooth so far, the team is really coming together.  Everyone is stepping out of their comfort zone and doing really well in their classes. Dean B. has been a great asset to the team with his experience from previous years here at TMI.  All is going well and I look forward to seeing us grow more in unity and spirit.

     When I got off of the bus ride I was scared and unsure.  That was until I met my team and leaders.  In just three short days I’ve already learned so much about God and what it takes to be on the mission field.  About how to run the race that God has marked for us with endurance.— Erin B.  

    We’ve only been at Boot Camp for a few days but I’already in love with it! I’m getting lots of new experiences, it’s challenging, and also very fun!  Its so exciting to see all of the other teams and think of the great things God will use us for this summer.  I love my team, we are all still getting to know each other but in a few more days I know we will be like one big family and our leaders, are very encouraging. — Ashley S.   

     Boot Camp has been great so far!  I’m loving my drama and puppet classes.  Even though I keep falling in the slough in the obstacle course I love getting to run it every morning.  God is going to do great things this summer!            Andrew G.  6-21-16


  1. We love team Kilimanjaro! We watch you every night and love the updates. We are praying for you and can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the trip!

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