Another Report From The Nepal Team

Hello Everyone,

Today is Wednesday, June 22, and we are experiencing our fourth “full day” of Boot Camp.  The Nepal team is doing great!  Team members are settled in with their totes and are learning how to organize their things.  We are helping them to think about simplifying.  They keep their clothes for the field at the bottom of their tote and only work with the necessary daily items on top.  These kids have a lot to juggle!  Backpacks have been their “best friend”, it is with them 24/7.  It contains what they need at any time and goes with them everywhere.  If they did not drink much water at home and preferred fountain drinks or juice instead…they are learning to appreciate it.  Water, water, water!  They love filling their water bottles.  Also, three meals a day has sunk in.  No snacking in between.  They are cleaning their plate and appreciating whatever the kitchen serves them.  I have heard no complaining!  And by now sleep comes quickly.  We have them back at the tent site by 8:30, have them in their tents by 9 and it quickly becomes silent by 9:15 🙂  09 Nepal

Their days are full.  We start at 5:30 and they are doing great at getting out of their tents, dressed and on time for Rapture Report.  Our team is really tackling the OC (Obstacle Course).  They want to do well.  We have not DQ’ed as of yet.  Morning assembly is packed with information~one thing you can pray for is alertness.  Understandably they are having a hard time staying awake!  They do an honest jobs work with construction classes, the instructors have complimented our team.  Puppets and music are fun in the afternoon, we have some talent on our team!  

You would be proud of your son/daughter in bath & laundry. 

They are doing it!  Learning how to bucket bathe is a challenge but they have great attitudes.  And their clothes are getting cleaned and put on a line to dry.  We hope this part of boot camp training nurtures a heart of self-dicipline.  

The team really looks forward to evening rally!!!  The singing is joyful, the missionary reports are real, the team competition is fun…we have done “Run From The Devil” and won against Uganda!  We are keeping our areas clean, no Miss Piggy for us.  In fact we got 3rd place a night ago.  The speakers have been so interesting, giving your child much to think on from God’s word. Some from our team have responded to the Holy Spirit working in their heart and have taken it to the altar.  It has been a blessing to pray with these teenagers and encourage them to trust and obey how God is leading them through the message the speaker is giving.

Please continue to pray for us as a team.  Some are a bit homesick, some have blisters or bug bites, some are exhausted.  We want the Lord to use these circumstances to capture their attention.  As leaders we meet regularly and share/pray for our individual team members.  I think we love every one of them!  Honestly, it is exciting to finally be here doing boot camp with this team that the Lord put together.  Thank you for entrusting them to our care.  We are committed to doing our best.  One quote that has stuck  “Pray as if everything depends on God and then work as if everything depends on you”.  

Here are a few testimonials …

Rebecca D. ~ Busy, busy, busy!  They keep us hopping.  It’s been amazing to watch our team come together.  God is on the move getting us ready for Nepal.  I love you guys at home, Rebecca

Luke W. ~ Hello family and friends, Boot Camp is challenging but I am enjoying the experience.  It has been exciting to drop off the face of the civilized world.  I have run the obstacle course three times and I love it.  Rally in the evenings has been great.  Our team is a really cool group of people, I hope we can grow as servants of God and as friends to each other.  Hello to my family, Luke

Isaac C. ~ Hey from the Nepal team.  This year has been very fun.  The speakers are great.  I have fallen into the slough every day, Issac

Dayana W. ~  Hey guys!  Boot Camp is going great.  I’m having such a blessed time with my team!  I have the best leaders and team members.  The O.C is a ton of fun.  B.C. is not as hard as I expected.  We have many construction classes in the morning.  Music and puppets in the afternoon.  The food here is awesome!  I am enjoying every second I spend here!  I love how God is bringing the Nepal team so close together.  I love the worship and the lessons.  Dayana

Danny Hillman – I made it to Boot Camp.  So far its not that bad.  It rained a lot so the weather is cooler than last year.  I am really looking forward to what God has planned this summer!

 Whitnie Yoder – Boot Camp  is amazing!  I’m so excited that I’m finally here!  The team is amazing and I can’t wait to go to Nepal.  I really like doing personal devotions in the morning.  I’m looking forward to growing closer to God this summer. I love you family.

 Johana Martinez – Hi family and friends!  God is so good!  Even though it’s my second time here at Boot Camp it is still challenging physically and spiritually.  God is teaching me so much already and He is encouraging my heart in ways only He can do.  I love my team and team leaders also! miss you and love you all! 

 That’s all for now.  We look forward to writing our next report and keeping you updated.  Thinking about how many of you we will get to see at commissioning.  Please plan to come if you can!

~Michelle Yoder



  1. Praying for you all, my grandson Jake is on the team,excited to see how the Lord will use him and the team

  2. Donald and Memy

    “Pray as if everything depends on God and then work as if everything depends on you”. We love this quote. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are praying every day for all of you. We are participating in the rallies every night with you guys. Love the reports.
    Don and Memy

  3. Go Team Yoder! I know you are inspiring them all to be better soldiers of God

  4. Praying for the Nepal team! Keep up the great work Yoder girls!! We love y’all! Praying for sweet Valerie too, hope she is feeling better.

  5. Jennifer Castleberry

    Tell the Yoder’s that I’m praying for them and the rest of the Nepal team!!!
    Jennifer Castleberry

  6. Praying daily for each of you. I am with you in Rally everynight! Great report–No Miss Piggy snort snort ! I pray that unity abounds beyond belief in your team. Be there for each other. Like Christ, the best gift of love to each of you.

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