And Another Report From The Trinidad Team

14 Trinidad

Training has continued and is going great!

The kids are learning new things each day about construction, block laying, and how to lay out a building. All of these skills will be useful when we work on building the wall in Trinidad. They are also learning songs and puppetry which will be useful when performing for the kids in Trinidad. The team is doing great and they are coming together more and more each day. Despite the Boot Camp conditions (hot, mosquitos, tent struggles), the kids have encouraged us with their positive attitudes, smiles, and overflowing joy! We are blessed! Many of the kids have responded to the Holy Spirit in the evening rallies, and the Lord is working! Please continue to pray for strength and growth as we train and prepare to share the gospel and Christ’s love with those in Trinidad. 


Boot Camp is difficult but fun. I think the Obstacle Course is the most difficult for me. It requires a lot of running and the Slough is not fun to fall in. The best part of Boot Camp are the people. –Joshua C. 

Boot Camp has been hard, but it is definitely an amazing experience that I recommend to all teenagers. I have been physically and emotionally challenged and its through those tough times that we grow stronger and closer to God.-Laura C. 


  1. As a TMI alumni who was apart of the Trinibad team I’m happy these kids will get the opportunity to go to Trinidad and serve and experience life with them. God bless y’all!

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