Cambodia Report #2

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

Our small Cambodia team is looking more like a family every day!

Aleath has fun and very positive; she also happily participates in every class. Racheal has been enthusiastic too. She takes on everything with a good attitude. Noah and Alethica learned a lot in the motorcycle classes and are going to do great in Cambodia!! Our team has won pool time already for having a clean tent site which all the team members love! The weather has been great the past few days; we have been very blessed. 

A couple of us wrote a few words about our time here:

Boot Camp is pretty easy with an air mattress and a fan! Were doing pretty well on the OC but the DQ’s are killin’ us. The motor cycles are so much fun and challenging because of the manuel transmissions. Having fun, K bye

We’re really coming together as a team in the few days we’ve known each other. Also we’re all getting pretty good at riding the motorcycles.Despite a few falls (mostly by me) We’ll be prepared for the field~!!


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