Cuba Report #2

03 Cuba

The bell rings at 5:30am to signal that it is time for everyone at the Lord’s Boot Camp to wake up.  Tents start rustling and in the Cuba tent site, Andrew is the first one to crawl outside.  With a smile on his face, he is always ready to go.  The others follow as we head as a team to Rapture Report.  As count off #1, Matthew is the one to report the presence of the Cuba team for Rapture Report.  Next is the O.C.  Our boys Dylan and Tyler Berry really show off their athleticism as they effortlessly cross the obstacles.  Makole’s encouragement  helps drive any struggling team members to complete the obstacles.  Giancarlo leads the team in some of the most fervent prayers one could hear.  Next we eat breakfast.  Emily and Kendall volunteer to go get water for the team to use for hand washing, displaying the beauty of a servant’s heart.  Next the team goes to blocklaying.  Here, Sami, Thomas, and Tyler Thomas go to work as team to quickly complete a corner to near perfection.  The rest of our morning consists of various construction classes.  After lunch, the team gets to bathe at Alligator Lake.  This is one of the most relaxed parts of the day.  Shane and Samuel keep all of our spirits up by making us laugh.  Phonics and Music class fill the rest of our afternoon until dinner.  It is so nice that in the midst of all the day’s busyness, our team seems to just role with the rhythm of BC.  Kathryn is someone whose innocent, soft vibes seem to rest on everyone she comes into contact with.   This makes the rush of BC training more bearable for everyone.  There is also Angel who helpfully translates every class for our two Peruvian teammates, Josue and Johana, who are also some of our most hardworking team mates!  After rally, our team heads back to our campsite to pray together, before going to sleep in order to begin another day of hard work.

“I have been having great fun.  I am also learning a lot.  The food here is great and i am seeing many of my fellow FTMs.  My favorite class so far is Music class.  We have learned a new song called “Bananas”.  We were taught it by Giancarlo who learned it at his church.  So far this week has been so great!  See you soon!”  ~Thomas Swenson

“This summer is my first Boot Camp.  Despite the hardships, I am really enjoying it.  I have a really cool team and we all get along really well.  The OC is fun and the classes are too.  I have been taught how to make concrete and how to lay bricks, as well as some info on how to put on a roof.  Phonics is interesting and music class is as well.”  ~Shane Beyer

“This is my first TMI trip.  After just 4 days, it will NOT be my last!  These past few days have been hard on my endurance but a first place winner in my race for the Lord.  Mom and Dad, if you read this, there are no words to use to thank you for this blessing.  This trip to Cuba will be a life changer.  And I can’t wait for it!”  ~Giancarlo Mandato   

“Today is Tuesday, the second day of “official” BC.  My team is already having a great time.  My experience so far has been awesome, being able to get laundry and bathing done daily.  Our team is getting better on the OC and I know we will win soon!  The weather has been amazing, so that even those who have fallen in the slough have gotten the most out of BC.”  ~Angel Guevara

“My experience here at BC has been fun even though I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes!  My favorite time is meal time.  I’ve learned some valuable things in the classes and I am looking forward to going to Cuba.”  ~Matthew Ro  

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