Malawi Mangochi Report

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams

06 Malawi Mangochi and 16 Cambodia MSSM Teams


Team Malawi sends a shout out to all our family back home.  

Everybody here on our team is healthy and strong.  We are still running the Obstacle Course (OC) with the Cambodia team and jointly, Team Cam-bochi, is rising up to meet the challenges presented each morning on the OC. In the last two days, they have gotten 8-12 people over the Wall each day.  Everett K. has been the main teen at the bottom of the Wall to push the others up and Tommy E. has been on top of the Wall with a team member from the Cambodia team pulling team mates up and over.  The rest of the team are spotters at the bottom of the Wall ensuring the safety of the person going over.  

Our schedule is pretty similar day to day.  You can find the Boot Camp schedule on the TMI web site.  We start early at 5:30am and are on the go all day.  We end our work day off with either bath or laundry out at the lake.  Each of the teens washes their own clothes and they all did a fantastic job yesterday getting their clothes clean.  The weather is a bit warmer today so we are encouraging the team to drink-drink-drink.  Each night we end with the Rally.  The worship is refreshing and the messages are always spot on.  Last night, Mr. George Dooms from Telling the Truth Ministries (TTT Ministries), shared the Gospel with us and Andrew L. gave his life to the Lord.  We are excited to see God work in the hearts of our team members.  

Satan is always at work trying to discourage us but we know that the Lord is on our side.  Knowing that there are many at home praying for us is exciting.  We appreciate your prayers more and more each day.  Please pray the Lord would give us strength, unity, & excellence in all we do.  The team really looks forward to mail call each day.  Your notes of encouragement are really a boost to the one receiving them.  You can mail your notes or send e-mails.  They cost 25 cents per page but they are well worth the money.  Please fill the page with happy happenings going on at home.  Also, please consider sending a letter now to the Malawi address so your teen can have mail there.  The address is in the pink-ish “Malawi” book each teen received and possibly on the prayer card also.

We are looking forward to the pizza and milk shake this coming Sunday!

Web Testimonies:
From Katie J.
During this trip so far God has shown me a lot.  He has shown me that if I trust Him, He will give me strength and joy.  Even though Boot Camp is tough, God has really shown me in these first few days that I really can do all things through Him.

From Katie M.
Over the few days that I’ve been here, God has found ways to test me.  He’s taught me patience when my luggage was gone for a few days and I had to work with what I had  Plus, I found the tremendous support of my team.  Also, I have learned perseverance through the OC as I am pushed to keep going and stay strong for the team.  I can’t wait to see what more God has put in front of me.

From Erin G.
Boot Camp is hard but God is always bring us through.  He strengthens us and gives us joy every day.  We are having a great time and we love the fun of getting to know each other.

From Ashton F.
I have found that as American’s and Canadian’s from first world countries that we live with a lot of privileges that most countries would dream of having.  I am learning to be more thankful of things that are handed to us like running water, air conditioning and washing machines.



  1. Okay, thanks!

  2. So glad to hear that everyone is healthy and strong! I was wondering, if I send a message here, will it get to my daughter, Abigail, on this team? I have a card ready to go in the mail tomorrow. Do you need anything? We love and miss you, Abigail! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you and your awesome team! We are praying for all of you, for strength, for wisdom and a spirit of Grace for boot camp and beyond. Love you!! Mom

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