A Report From The Northern Ireland Team

Hello all!

Boot Camp has been very eventful this week! We are learning about so many good tools to take on the field with us. Everyone is doing so well in all of the classes. Their participation and willingness is such a blessing to watch. It seems that drama is definitely a favorite for the team.

 They have been learning a lot in puppets as well. Everyone is getting quick with putting the stage up and taking it down. The puppeteering could use work, but we have a lot of time for improvement.10 N Ireland

 Music is my personal favorite. All of the team members are so musically talented and it brings joy to my heart to watch them grow just through music.

 We are all exhausted from the early mornings and hot days, but the Lord has blessed us with a small breeze and no rain. Everyone has definitely gained a big appetite as well!

 I hope you are all staying safe!

 “Boot camp is alright. I fell in the slough, but I recovered and now I have to do laundry. But I’m adjusting and hopefully it gets better.” —Maegan Howard

“Boot camp is at the same time fantastic and frustrating. I’m starting to adjust! You’d be amazed at how tired puppets makes your arm! Drama class is really fun. Mosquito bites are multiplying.” —Holly Rickford



  1. Jocelyn Graffius, hope you are doing well. Would like to see some closeup pics. Prayers for good health, safety, and good times. Love ya. GPA

  2. Adrienne Norvell

    Go N.Ireland! It’s true that doing puppets the right way is much more tiring than doing it the wrong way. Glad you’re enjoying the kind of drama that’s on stage rather than the kind that’s off stage. 😉 Can’t wait to hear y’all sing together. Hoping a future video will show some singing or drama as you learn new things. We are praying for teens & leaders.

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