Uganda Report #2

26 Uganda Foot Washing

Jamba! from the Uganda team. Today is day three of Boot Camp. Everyone is very enthusiastic in their classes (particularly Evangelism). They have at least 10 different songs they are trying to learn for music, they all know the songs and choreography for puppets, and phonics has turned into game time. Above all their favorite part of every day is the evening rallies. They did received four team SB’s (Special Blessings) on Registration day and a few have personals for talking when they weren’t supposed to, but they are serving them with a sweaty smile. It is a very loud and energetic team, yelling Jambo to every team that passes by (which almost got them another Blessing after yelling it across the tent sight right before lights out). So far no injuries have occurred, although we have had some issues with dehydration and of course blisters. But all is well, they are all healthy and happy to be serving the Lord. The team is continually trying to win the Cleanliness award but with 23 teenagers it is not an easy task (at least they haven’t gotten Piggy either). Continue praying for spiritual growth, strength, wisdom, and overall health.

Hannah Mcfarland,
    I’m really glad that I listened to God’s voice and came! This team has been a delight and an encouragement. I look forward to seeing how God uses us.

 Alexis Patrick
    Day 1 of Boot Camp is going really well. So far my favorite thing has been running the OC (Obstacle Course). My favorite section on the OC is the Slough. I hope the rest of Boot Camp goes this well.

 Madison Treat
     Boot Camp had a rough start but now it’s going and I am alive and well! I’m blessed our team is super awesome and cool, we all work well together! We didn’t have to do the Obstacle Course today so I’m feeling highly blessed. I’m covered in mosquito bites but that’s okay. God rocks!

Kate Vinson
    Hey everyone! Things have been going good here. One of my favorite things is puppet class. We learn songs, techniques, and dances that we will use to witness in Uganda. I love and miss you mom, dad, Meg, Anna, and Kyra.

 Connor Torre
   Boot Camp is not at all what I expected! Although sometimes the living conditions are different from what I thought they were going to be, I love it! So far every time I’ve gone through the Obstacle Course, I’ve had a blast, even though I fell in the Slough every time.

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  1. Connor, love that you are enjoying yourself, I would expect nothing less. Just learning how to view these, you know your Mom – lol
    Prayers and love from Texas. Mom, Dad, and the family

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