Zambia Report

Hello! from team Zambia.  

We are learning the proper care of puppets and the technique of coordinating our hands with our mouths in puppet class.  Music class is coming alive as we learn to blend our voices and add dynamics to our singing.  Yesterday, we held a slower pace in the kitchen instead of running the Obstacle Course.  Evening Rally continues to be a highlight with challenging messages and many responses.  Ed Mowen- male leader27 Zambia

God has blessed us with a little cooler weather, than normal for Florida, and a wonderful team.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Love you all.  Tosha Lyon

Alright!  So boot camp is not easy, but it is super fun!  I love my team and our humor (although not everyone might love it).  I can’t wait to go to Africa with this squad! Jade Turner


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  1. Pastor Cindy Nickerson

    Love the reports of the Zambia team!! Hello Madalyn and all your team!

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