Arizona Team Meets the President & Vice President of the Navajo Nation!

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The National Day of Prayer for the Navajo Nation had been moved from May to June 21st -22nd, (two days after we’d arrived). Then, in another change, the venue was switched from the local fair grounds to our host location at Western Indian Ministries (WIM). The Arizona team was working on the ‘hilltop’ when the invitation came from WIM director Chuck Harper to join the interdenominational gathering of pastors and youth leaders coming together to pray from across the Navajo Nation. Our team was able to serve the spiritual leaders of the nation by setting up chairs and tables. Miss Gay joined some of the Navajo women with food preparation (the local women made five tortillas in the time it took for Miss Gay to make one! :-). Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez (both born-again Christians) attended on Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday. They both voiced their thanks for the prayers of local believers and reminded the pastors of their importance in leading the nation back to Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation, hope and healing. They also gave God all the glory for the the successes they’ve had in office and asked that we continue to pray for their administration during the three years remaining in their term. Afterwards, team Arizona again served the event by removing chairs from the Big-Top and then as they took down the big-top tent. (It was a Miami Tent Mr. Bland just like ours in Florida!)  It was an amazing opportunity to meet Navajo christian leaders.

Today, the team worked on the Obstacle Course and an outdoor shower enclosure. They’ve also shown a lot of progress on performing various puppet songs and dramas. Our sharing times have been sweet and the team is growing close.  We received one Native American leader, Kyan, who is in training this week. We don’t have enough local leaders to make separate teams for a normal Boot Camp so the new team members will be joining our team. We expect up to 11 native American team members to arrive on Saturday. Please pray for us as they adjust to something very new. Pray that our team members with be able to quickly break through the barriers and that we can all become one effective team. 

And now, here’s a word from Hannah C.
I am really enjoying this trip. We got to meet the President and Vice President of the Navajo nation. It was awesome because they are both Christians and they are supporting the work we are doing here. We got a picture with them and I even got to talk to the vice president and he thanked us for coming to their national day of prayer event. I enjoyed it and it was  a lot of fun to be able to bless the people by helping with setup and take down. It truly was a blessing and an awesome experience.


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