The Australia Team Is Working Hard

Our training is at full mosquito-killing throttle at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Relationship and team building are improving. We have a really good team of 11 students and three leaders. The kids are working well together and learning to bond. At 5:55 the day begins with high octane on the Obstacle Course. A half hour of personal devotions follows breakfast. Then two hours of Bible time follows in the Big Top tent, where various speakers share the Word and challenge the team. Each student has a lot of responsibilities throughout the day, including their own clothes washing, bucket bathing with lake water, dish washing, and KP duty. In addition, singing practice, Bible memorization, brick laying and concrete classes fill the schedule. The team is working hard during the day and attend nightly rallies. You can see them waving at you if you watch the live streaming. Go to the Teen Missions’ web site to watch at 7:00PM Florida time. Our first night here, we received the Piggy Award since we didn’t take care of our camp site, eating area and rally seat area. That resulted in an “SB,” which is a Special Blessing. An SB requires the team to do a chore, such as clean the bathroom, move dirt or any other task that benefits the camp facility instead of having free time. You can bet the team is much more aware of keeping clean. Since then, we’ve not earned the Piggy Award again–thankfully. Today many of the team members chose to swim at the lake. There they got to cool down and ride a carousel that swings them to into the murky water. The weather is hot and humid, making it tough at times, so the lake swim was a treat. Some of the students are asking good spiritual questions, which allows for special discussions with the leaders. It’s great to see them searching and finding out what the Bible says about important issues teens and adults are facing. And since we’re wearing boots constantly, some blisters have popped up. Mrs. Stencil is great to help remedy these. The bucket bath is the only way to bathe (no running showers). This has been a new experience for most of the team. Water has to be bucketed from the lake by each person and taken to the shower stalls or the lakeside, depending on which the teammate prefers. There, joyous sounds are heard as the team is refreshed, only to be sticky again within the hour! Please pray for strength, rest, cooler weather and no blisters!


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