Greetings From The India Team!

Greetings from the India team!

The cooler weather has left us and we are now experiencing the normal HOT and humid Florida – which is definitely getting us ready for India!

The team continues to get along with one another very well. They are such a joy to lead! They are doing well in their classes, but seem to like the bath/laundry and free time the best.

They had KP all day today, so there did not run the Obstacle Course. Since they were on KP, they had to get up early and two of them ended up leaving their water bottles behind in the camp site, which Miss Piggy found along with a poncho. All of those items are ten points off each, so guess which team will be cleaning the bathrooms tomorrow????

We so appreciate your prayers! Keep them coming!

Here are some thoughts from some of the kids:

Julia – The mosquitoes are relentless!

Kaitlyn – I am really enjoying Boot Camp. There have been some struggles, but overall it is so much fun! I have also gotten used to the smell of lake water and sweat.

Annalise – Boot Camp isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We got the pool yesterday and they sprayed the mosquitoes, so I don’t have malaria! 🙂

Abby S. – Boot Camp is not the most amazing place on Earth (someone told me to say it was…). The worst parts about Boot Camp are that the mosquitoes are plentiful, sleeping conditions are disastorus, and if you fall in the Slough (which I did today), you can’t change out of your west clothes until free time. The best part is that I have made so many new friends (shout-out to Ethel, the palm leaf – you are more than simply a palm leaf)!

Grace S. – Hey! I am having a great time, making friends, learning lots, and trying to follow the rules. Three cheers for Boot Camp!

Lauren – I’m finally adjusted to Boot Camp. I am loving it here despite the heat. I haven’t fallen in the Slough…yet. Missing home!

Sammy C. – Boot Camp is off to a great start. We run the OC and it’s lots of fun! We have KP tomorrow (today), so no OC.



  1. Hi to Morgan and team India!!! Stay out of the slough 🙂

  2. Team looks real good! Keep up all the positive statements. God Loves you so much.!

  3. Sam Capener grandma Susan Donegan

    Keep up the good work, you guys all look great

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