Another Report From The China Team

Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp!

The China team is excited to say, “Seven more days!”  The team seems to have gotten into the swing of things.  We have not had any more team SB’s since our last report.  The team continues to enjoy construction classes & are beginning to talk about what to anticipate as we head to China.  On Friday, the team wrapped up Phonics classes and began Advanced Evangelism classes.  The team has been enjoying the decreased SB’s because it now allows them to have two full hours of Free Time and Bath/Laundry time.  It’s great to see them out there getting clean!  Today, the team has KP (Kitchen Patrol) again.  The team was up early at 5:30 am, to eat breakfast.  This evening they will be helping make the 500 gallon milkshake.  They are looking forward to carrying the frozen ice cream from the kitchen into the big top!  

On Friday, we had the opportunity to witness a performance by “The Story of God.”  A family drama group which performs a 2 hr drama that walks through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The team absolutely loved the message that this family brought to us.  The more exciting thing about this group is that they wrote this drama to be used overseas for ministry purposes.  

Thank you for your prayers for our team.  We are continuing to come together as a team.  It is exciting watching them hang out, laugh and enjoy being together.  It’s even more encouraging watching them walk alongside team members when they’re struggling and caring for each other.  Please continue to pray for us, that we will finish boot camp well & as we begin to prepare for leaving next Sunday.

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