The Cambodia Team Is Doing Great!

Everyone is very helpful to each other and also other teams! Every day we seem to be getting closer and closer to each other really becoming a family. It’s hard to believe that Boot Camp is half over already it’s going by so fast and before we know it Commissioning will be here and then we will be off to Cambodia! Friday we had a special for the team members. We had a group come in that did a play called the Story of God that took you through the w Bible in two and a half hours. Everyone loved it – the team members were still talking about it the next day! Saturday we started new classes—Music and Puppets and we finished Drama and Phonics class. 

 Claire has been so helpful with showing us how to look for the small things around camp site and eating site so we win the Clean Award (Which we won again the other day. Yay more pool time)! Celeste is a breath of fresh air to the group. If any one is feeling a little down or needs a pick me up she is always around with a smile on her face willing to do whatever she can to make them feel better. Rachael has been a big help with everyone learning to ride the motorcycle’s and giving any hints or tips that will make the riding more enjoyable. Levi is so much fun to be around and is growing every day it’s very cool to watch him grow! Noah is doing great as well and has been helping other team members with memory cards which is so helpful! We are very blessed to have the team we have that loves to work together so well! 

The weather is turning into normal Florida weather hot and muggy but there has been a nice breeze so that helps. 

Alethia – So far, motorcycle training and bonding with my team have been the highlights of Boot Camp. It’s been great being to make new friends and have new experiences I am very excited to see what the rest of the summer holds.

Josh – We’re becoming pretty proficient in riding motorcycles. One of our team members doesn’t fall over while just standing with her bike any more. We’re bonding really well. I’m excited to spend my summer spreading God’s word with these people.   


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