The Cuba Team Is Halfway There!

We have had quite the time this week. We have had block laying class every day, and have made a lot of progress on this new skill. We have also learned concrete, carpentry, digging, and layout. Carpentry has been the team’s favorite class so far. We finished our phonics classes and started puppet classes. Music class has been very fun and we have learned songs that are new to many of us. Our favorite song to sing is the Banana Song.  On Friday we were able to see the launch of the Atlas IV Rocket. One of the perks of Boot Camp is being so close to NASA!  Everyone is bonding and starting to come our of their shells more. It’s great to see everyone’s different personalities coming out. We have done a lot of laughing.  Our Spanish-speaking friends, Johanna and Joshua, have taught us some words and phrases to know for Cuba.  It’s been a great week! We’ve had fun, learned, and everyone has grown.

 SamiThis week is amazing. We’ve been running the OC (aka Obstacle Course). My team is great. We went to the lake and went on the carousel into the water. The food is great but my favorite meal is hamburgers and bread with butter. After so many tries getting over the slough, I made it! YAY!

 ThomasWe have been going over the Slough. I made it over the Slough the past two days.  Food is good. What more can you ask for?

 MakoleHey my LCF family and my lovely family members, Boot Camp has been cool so far! Nothing new though. Mr. Bland’s messages are good to hear a second time. Our current topic has been maturity.  Since I got here, we’ve taken block laying, concrete, puppet, & music classes. My favorite class so far is Former Team Member Class.  I like my team. It’s interesting how God picks out different personalities and joins them together. I love you all and thank you for this trip. Please send me letters! 

 AndrewI am glad I came on this trip. So far my team is good and works hard. God is impacting my life very well. But sometimes is good to go do what is right and I hope to tell you later about my trip.

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