Greetings From The Guatemala Team!

God is so good! 

We are honored to be the leaders of this team.  They are an amazing group of kids!  God was definitely the designer of this “puzzle” of a team…each and every piece, beautifully crafted with it’s own unique character, comes together to make one amazing picture – TEAM GUATEMALA 2016!

The weather has been hot and humid with no rain.  This really is a plus for the kids because they haven’t had to worry about their laundry getting and staying dry.  They are drinking lots of water and everyone is staying well. The kids are adapting well from what we can tell…they should be well prepared for culture shock by the time we depart from the Lord’s Boot Camp.

The team is learning several songs in Spanish such as “Jesus Loves Me” and “Oceans” as well as others along with puppets. Their presentation is coming along nicely. 

A good portion of the team have been adopted. Three of those lived in orphanages in other countries such as Russia, Ethiopia and Guatemala.  It touches us all that these kids are going back to help build and finish an orphanage.  GOD IS GOOD!

The kids got to see a rocket launch from a distance.

The Story Theater Production was here on Friday.  It was a powerful presentation and the kids were touched by the production.


We will keep you posted.

“Boot Camp has been quite the experience!  Through out the constant sweating, blisters, and bug bites, Boot Camp has taught me to fully rely and put my trust in the Lord. I’m extremely excited to have this chance to give back to the One who gave us everything.”  —Andrea G

“During Boot Camp, I have grown close to 28 other kids. I have grown spiritually closer to God.  Boot Camp has taught me to be thankful for the smallest things.  After this experience, I will no longer take anything for granted at home.” —Marley 

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