Greetings From The Honduras Team

Greetings from Boot Camp!

The typical Florida heat is finally upon us.  We spend the day nursing sore muscles and drying wet feet from each morning’s Obstacle Course run, but the team is learning good things throughout the classes each day.  The highlight of each night is enthusiastic worship under the Big Top circus tent.  The team members have not won the “Piggy Award” for having the messiest tent site and eating site in camp, which means we haven’t had the “prize” of cleaning the bathrooms yet.  (Here’s hoping we can keep neat and tidy and avoid that experience!)

Last night we had the privilege to watch a 100-minute dramatized version of the Bible from the theater ministry group, God’s Story, and we were moved by their performance. Today all the homeschooled team members in the camp got together for a group photo, followed by a giant photo of everyone in Boot Camp.  We’re starting a new schedule of classes as well, complete with more music practice (wow, do they ever sound beautiful!), advanced evangelism class, more construction classes, and puppet ministry class.  

Please continue to pray for  our health, spiritual growth, and encouragement.  I am so proud of this group of teenagers… you all must have raised them right!  🙂 They are so willing to serve and the entire group gets along great. 

“Boot camp is very difficult, but having all the great leaders and teachers is especially encouraging spiritually and it’s a great way to get to know people closely.  I feel like it’s definitely strengthening me spiritually, mentally, and physically and I’m surprisingly pretty comfortable!” – Olivia

“The weather’s a lot better.  The team is really unified.  I’m glad that there’s not as many mosquitoes as before. High-fiving dirty kids is just as fun as I remember!”  – Tim

“Boot Camp is better than I thought it would be.  But the bathrooms are nasty! 🙂  I’m really enjoying the personal quiet times.”  – Emerald



  1. Brian & Alberta Porterfield

    Enjoy the update. Sounds like a lot of work mixed with fun and unforgettable experiences. We will continue to pray for these teens as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

  2. So happy for NO Piggy. such a wonderful life experience for Alyssa and the team. Prayers for all and Cleaner bathrooms !!!

  3. Great to hear from you Honduras team! We are praying for you all!! God bless you!

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