Hello From The Nepal Team

Hello Parents, Family and Friends,

We are all doing well on the Nepal team!  What a great group of teens the Lord put together for this summer of 2016.  We are into a routine now.  The tiredness and exhaustion has hit us and I think we are in our second wind now.  Getting up at 5:30 isn’t quite so hard, their bodies and minds are adjusting.  This has been our first full week of Boot Camp and I’m so proud of the “little mountains” some of the team members have already climbed.  My mother’s heart has wanted to jump in and rescue some from their individual situations, whether they be physical, spiritual or mental…I am asking the Lord for His wisdom daily as to how to best handle and when to intervene.  So far, many of the situations have worked themselves out and they feel so accomplished and are learning how to depend upon the Lord.  

A few highlights are…our team won the Godliness award for helping out a Preteen team during their own bath and laundry time.  They also won Brainstorming for an idea they had about Teen Missions Annual Mud Run.  This gives them the much wanted “POOL TIME”.  They are so looking forward to that pool!  Miss Piggy has not called on us either, whew!  We are so happy NOT to get Miss Piggy and lose our free time.  So when your child comes home after this summer, there will be no legitimate excuses for not keeping their space/home clean!  We have had our second KP duty.  Our first was last Sunday.  They do great with it!  We have to rise and shine at 5 AM on KP days, they are such a great team for being on time.  They are experiencing serving in the food line, monitoring the dish line and helping to wash the dishes.  I have heard no complaining from them, they do it with great attitudes.

Hopefully, you are receiving mail from your child.  They spend adequate time writing and journaling.  Every morning they spend 30 minutes of quiet time.  Having devotions includes reading their Bible and praying.  I hope this becomes a part of their life routine if not already!  

We had a very special treat Friday morning and evening.  A family that performs with drama came to visit us.  Their drama was titled “Story Of God” and it was excellent!  Very well done and the kids loved it.  The drama started with Genesis 1 and they acted out the Old Testament during morning assembly.  We had to wait all day for the New Testament.  They performed it during evening rally.  It gave many of them a nice overview of Gods Word.  Quite literally, the Story of God!  

Please continue on in your prayers for our Nepal team and also for the people we are going to meet when we get there.  Some of our team members have gone to the alter for prayer, to rid themselves of burdens they have been carrying, to respond the the Holy Spirit working in their heart… They are great kids and I’m so thankful to be here with them!  We are all looking forward to our trip!

I am adding some short testimonials from a few team members ~

Ariana C. ~  At first I hated Boot Camp.  It was hard, painful and irritating.  Now I’m a week in.  It’s still hard, painful and irritating, but it’s better now and I’m loving it!  The hardest part for me is the Obstacle Course.  But I have been getting better at it every day.  (Today I did not go in the Slough so my boots stayed dry!!!)  My favorite part is rally.  I love the singing and love getting into God’s Word.  Boot Camp is great!  ~  Ariana

Zack B. ~  Hi Mom and Dad!  I miss you all very much but I am really enjoying this time meeting new people and drawing closer to the Lord through our daily devotions.  Boot Camp is really hard and I am sweating a lot.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to go to Nepal and teach the children about the Lord!  Miss you and love you all!  ~  Zack

Iris O. ~ Hey Oswald family.  I miss you all so, so much!  Boot Camp is going pretty good.  I have made lots of friends and my leaders are great.  I have written lots of letters so they should be on the way.  I love and miss you all.  This is a great experience.  ~  Iris

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  1. Thank you for the updates. We continue to pray for all of you guys everyday. Leaders, we really appreciate all your hard work and dedication…thank you. We know God has some great plans for you you in Nepal.

    Don and Memy

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