Hello From The Northern Ireland Team!

Hi everyone!

We are officially halfway through Boot Camp! Everything is going great and we are all adjusting well! This weekend will be lots of fun for the kids. We are having our Olympics and pizza and milkshakes. The team has kitchen duty on that day but that is OK because we will serve the rest of Boot Camp with joy in are hearts! I hope all of our families and friends are well and we sure do look forward to seeing you! 

Classes are getting more intense as we learn more about the skills we will be taking on the mission field with us. The kids keep surprising us with their musical talents. I have faith that our song presentations will be a blessing to those who watch. In puppets, the team members have had to get creative and come up with their own skits based on a Bible story. Some of them are pretty funny! In drama all of the team members and team leaders have been getting a work out! Mrs. Meyers definitely keeps us moving.

The kids have told me that their favorite class is drama even though it is exhausting. They said that its the one place you can act weird and crazy without being looked at for acting that way. We have had a few Special Blessings which are served on our free time, but I am very proud of everyone for serving them with joy in their hearts. The female leaders have been attending cooking classes to be sure the team is fed well over the summer. Everyone is anticipating Commissioning Day and they can’t wait to get the airport and have Chik-fil-a!

It has gotten quite a bit hotter over the week but everyone has been working hard to stay hydrated. Everyone greatly misses their families and can’t wait to be home. we send our love and God bless!

“I like the OC it’s fun to go over it. I like the food here. And I like to do SBs too. And I like my team too.” Elijah M.

“I some what like boot camp. I don’t like the morning because I don’t have time to get ready. But, the classes are fun except the walking.” –Hannah T.




  1. So excited to hear from you! May God help and guide you by His Spirit as you prepare to minister. Can’t wait to see how He will work through you in Ireland! Have a blast this weekend!!

  2. Heather Orenczak

    It’s been great to see you through all the posts. We are praying for you and your team. Love Aunt Heather O.

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