The India Team is Surviving And Thriving

Wow! Seven more days of Boot Camp!

A week from tonight, we will be commissioned and will be on the third wave to the Orlando International Airport sometime VERY early on Monday morning.

It has been a whirlwind of a week. Classes continue. Our music class is really coming together and we are almost done with putting together our presentation. We have done classes in block lying, mixing concrete, steel tying, building trusses, puppets and phonics. 

Last night we won the “Godliness Award” (thank you to Nellie Wadman!). Right now, the team is enjoying the pool for winning that reward. The team participated in the “Galilean Service” which was on one of our lakes. The Lord provided cloud cover and a nice breeze during the service. This afternoon the team participated in the “Olympics”. Make sure you check out the pictures on the Teen Missions FB page! Tonight the team is looking forward to the 500-gallon Strawberry Milkshake and Alligator-Shaped pizza. There might be some upset stomachs after that meal…

The team continues to bond well and are encouraging one another to be positive and uplifting in what we say and do. It is so much fun to watch their personalities come out!

Thank you for the gift of your children this summer. We are so looking forward to spending this summer with an amazing group of kids and leaders.

Grace S. – Boot Camp is getting better and better each day. I’m finding out every day that God is my strength. Miss everyone! Love you!

Ammi G. – I am learning so much here. Although I want to go home, I know that God Almighty is going to do something amazing in India!

Lance A. – I am thriving and surviving. I’ve made some really good friends so far. My health has reached an exceptional standard. Bye. Love you and miss you!

Emilie C. – Hey Mom and Dad! I’m alive. I’m surviving and thriving. Life is good and so is God.

Sarah G. – Week one of Boot Camp has been successfully completed. I love the feeling of teamwork at the Wall, which might be my favorite part of the Obstacle Course. The food is great and the “Slough Slime” is not that bad. I like my team and couldn’t do it without them., not mentioning having some of the best leaders. Can’t wait for another week!

Myra M. – My favorite class so far has been the bush school. Our teacher made it really fun, but at the same time, teaching us a lot. I swear I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.


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  1. Tell Ammi if she really wants to come home we will bring her back with us from Commissioning and send her to her Mommy! There is nothing wrong with changing one’s mind. I feel she won’t, but, just in case. My Daddy told me that before he walked me down the aisle to get married at a very young age…”we can turn back, I will take care of everything…”…but, I went on, as Ammi will go on. just tell her, and tell her we love her. I’m Ammi’s Mamo.

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