The Indiana Team Wants Some A/C!

The a/c is broken here in Florida?

We all would love for some snow flurries! Those of you up North – would you please send us some cold weather? The team is doing well despite the hot weather, We want cooler weather or some a/c!

Yes we all want cooler temperatures but we are working on being content and looking forward to the goal we have set for Indiana. Our goal is to share about Christ at the Tri-State fairs and we are doing our best to keep our eyes on that goal. Today we had our church service out by a lake where the preacher stood in a boat and delivered the message. It was like when Christ spoke on the Sea of Galilee. Fortunately, we had cloud cover to shield us from the sun—thank God for natures a/c. 

We are about to do the Boot Camp Olympics, where each team member will be taking part in an event. We are going to be doing sack races, bandanna tosses, wheel barrow races, and juice drinking competitions. Anthony and Tonekup are taking part in the sack race,. Nata, Cory, and Caleb H will be doing the drinking contest. Sata will be doing the Turtle race (Pushing a wheelbarrow with someone underneath on hands and knees crawling [The wheelbarrow is upside down]). Grayden will be participating in the Longest Bootlace Competition where they will take their bootlaces off and tie them together to see which team has the longest run of laces. Caleb Johnson will be in the bandanna toss to see how far the team can throw a bundle of eight bandanas. 

We are also looking forward to tonight when we will be able to partake in a drink from heaven—the 500-gallon strawberry milkshake and alligator pizza.

Thank you for your prayers, pray that we will continue to become united as a team. 

“I’ve learned responsibility over property, and to have respect for myself and others. I have learned to treat others with a lot of respect as I would like to be treated.” –Caleb J. 

“At Teen Missions Boot Camp I have learned that God can change your life very quickly. God has blessed each and everyone of us here. For God has a plan for everyone of us and we can choose to follow Him or not. Also, I learned a bunch of Bible verses  in the little purple pouch  thingy. (Verse packet = 40 verses) If you speak at the wrong time, you can make everyone on your team look at you weird” Cory M.


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