Kilimanjaro Team – Halfway There!

We won the Cleanliness Award!

Which means we were the cleanest team at Boot Camp, so we were rewarded with the pool! So now we don’t smell like sweat and bug spray, we smell like sweat CHLORINE and bug spray. 🙂

We also won the Obstacle Course, so we got to fly our team flag that Kiley, Nolan, Jake and Remington created.

On Friday we had the joy of celebrating Carly’s 18th Birthday with a song for breakfast, a crown for lunch and a card for dinner!

We just had our last Drama Class. All the kids really enjoyed Ms. Michelle. She helped Kaia and Jake find their inner Diva!

The team did a great job of working together in Kitchen Patrol on Saturday. They have had a GREAT attitude all week and I am so looking forward to spending the rest of the summer getting to know each and every one of them!

At the end of Boot Camp we will be traveling with two other teams with IDENTICAL LUGGAGE (with colored tags to differentiate them from each other) from Florida to Washington and from Washington to Ethiopia. Please be praying that we get ALL our luggage to Tanzania safely and timely.

Dear internet browsers, i am here to tell you about Boot Camp. So far, some uncomfortable things I’ve had to get used to are things like sweat constantly dripping down my head, and the constant itch of bug bites all over my body. Although i must say, Boot Camp has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was certainly blessed with an amazing team everyone works well together along with all understanding me. I’ve figured out that joy is an attitude I learned that when I fell in the Slough I had to be positive about the situation. Oh yeah, you are probably wondering “Jayden what is the Slough?” Well, the Slough happens to be probably the most feared obstacle in the Obstacle Course. We run the OC every day(well almost) and it is quite the experience. Anyhow, thanks for tuning in on my experience. I am rushing to finish this as dinner time is almost over! Have an amazing air-conditioned day! You rock!(but Jesus is my rock). God bless, Jayden Howell

Dear Anyone Reading This, Boot Camp has definitely been an interesting experience. Going into this, what I expected to be the largest part has fallen into the background, compared to what has been the most impactful. The sense of unity and friendship established within a week between the team has been amazing. Running the OC, performing kitchen patrol and dealing with blisters now seem so small! We have really learned to work together and it can truly be seen this week as we’ve won Run From The Devil, the OC and The Clean Award all last night! We all loved the reward of swimming in the pool and have admitted it’s the cleanest we’ve felt since the start of Boot Camp. 

Overall, although only one week has passed, I feel like I’ve been here much longer due to how well God has pulled together the members of this team. Love You Family, Kiley H.

So far Boot Camp has been uncomfortably hot, rally is really awesome and my team and leaders couldn’t be better. Pray for me to survive the heat and keep staying in good health. –Isaac W.


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  1. We are all so proud of you Kiley, and your eve present joy that comes in answering your call!
    We are praying for you and your team every day, and know that this journey will be one that will allowing you to find even more of a sense for your role in this big puzzle. 🙂
    May the Lord bless you and keep you, make the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you PEACE!

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